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Cacao Almond Rolls
Long Term Health

Cacao Almond Rolls

Recipe by Lindsay Schoenrock | @pinchofpaleo_ (Gluten and Dairy Free) Ingredients 1 cup warm almond milk, 110°-115°F 1 packet rapid yeast/instant yeast 1/2 cup coconut sugar 1/2 cup Earth Bala...

Fuel & Training Tips3 Easy Steps To Get You Back In Training Mode

3 Easy Steps To Get You Back In Training Mode

It’s been a long couple of months for everyone, and to think anyone has cruised through this uprising of the COVID era is blasphemy. But we at MUIR have decided, enough is enough (of couch time) an...

Fuel & Training TipsTrain to Eat

Train to Eat

Looking for an edge when it comes to running ultras? Start eating on your training runs. You would never start an ultra without first training with your gear or working on your fitness for months. ...

Long Term HealthThe MUIR Off the Trail Cookbook

The MUIR Off the Trail Cookbook

Recipes are great when followed but don’t be afraid to add your own flair to help it taste the way you want it to. Feel free to substitute any of the ingredients and please let us know if you come ...

Fuel & Training TipsI Got a Handful of Problems and Nutrition Ain't One

I Got a Handful of Problems and Nutrition Ain't One

Gearing up for a run, race, or adventure is never quite as easy as it should be. What’s the weather going to do? Where’s my hat? Do I need my sunnies? Should I tie a single or double knot? Do I nee...

Ingredients & NutritionNo Really, MUIR is Real

No Really, MUIR is Real

Do you know the difference between a Natural Flavor and an Artificial Flavor? Sounds easy enough to decipher and most answers lean to petroleum... which is mostly correct. It turns out that the mai...

Fuel & Training Tipsrunning nutrition calories per hour

Free Running Calorie Intake Calculator: How Many Calories Should Runners Eat While Running?

Enter your weight and average running pace to get an estimate of how many calories you should be eating per hour when you run. NOTE: Make sure to slowly build up over a series of runs to these cal...

Fuel & Training Tipstravel snack

4 Nutrition Hacks For The Traveling Athlete

By Jeff Stern   Traveling makes it challenging to stay on top of a healthy diet, plain and simple. If we’re being completely honest though, travel also isn't an excuse to throw out all the good hab...

Fuel & Training Tipsguide to using energy gels in training and racing

Energy Gels: The Complete Guide For Training And Racing

What Are Energy Gels? Energy gels are generally a carbohydrate-rich portable food with a honey or paste-like consistency that gives endurance athletes an easy way to fuel during racing and trainin...

Fuel & Training Tipsultrarunner Avery Collins running along coast

The 5 Key Ultrarunning Workouts That’ll Improve Your Performance

The five essential ultrarunning workouts described here will help you accumulate time at intensity and target specific areas of your fitness allowing you to be much more effective with your trainin...

Fuel & Training TipsEnergy gels variety of flavors

The 9 Best Energy Gels For Runners In Our Humble Opinion

Whether you're training for a half-marathon, marathon, 50K, or longer ultramarathon energy gels will play a key role in your running nutrition strategy. What you fuel your training and event with ...

Fuel & Training TipsReal Food for a Fat-Burning Athlete

Real Food for a Fat-Burning Athlete

I’m nearly 50 miles into the Ardennes Megatrail, a 93k race in the Ardennes forest of France, near the Belgian border. Europe, AKA Salomons, spandex and hiking poles. It’s mid-afternoon, 10 hours i...

Ingredients & NutritionWhat is Mate? 3 reasons you need it in your life!

What is Mate? 3 reasons you need it in your life!

Muir Energy makes use of Yerba Mate to give you the boost and mental alertness that you need to fuel your adventure!