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I’ve always had an issue with gels in the past. Either they are too sweet and artificial, or texturally unpalatable. I’ve tried Gu, Hammer, Cliff, SIS, Huma and always had some GI or other issues. MUIR keeps my energy up on hikes and in the fight on long runs.

Ryan F, Washington

I’m so grateful to have found a clean energy source that tastes great and actually works! The texture is different from other more processed gels, but for me the energy burn feels so much better and doesn’t come with a crash, headache, or rebellion in my gut.

Jessica T, Illinois

These "gels" are amazing. Real food. Tastes great. I have been using Gu gels for years... but the Gu gels are heavily processed and filled with chemicals. I much prefer these. The slow burns are great for long rides; the fast burns are great for races. They all taste great. I now look forward to fueling!

Peter C, California

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