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Real Food Hydration

The first & only completely clean real food energy gel & hydration

We believe the best nutrition comes from real food. Simple as that.

Our Products

3-6 real food ingredients

We use exclusively real food, mineral rich, ingredients, which are easy to metabolize and super easy on the stomach - no GI issues.

Our Philosophy

Vegan, organic, paleo, gluten free & non-GMO

Gram for gram, MUIR Energy provides more nutrition - quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals - than any other product in our space.

Real Food Energy Gel


Custom 24 Energy Gel Pack

$60.00  $58.00


Custom 48 Energy Gel Pack

$120.00  $108.00

8oz Jar

From $12.00

Introducing Muir Hydration

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Real Food Hydration


Trail Runners, Road Runners, Hikers & Athletes everywhere.

People who want clean real food energy to fuel performance, adventure and fun.

No GI Issues

You should be enjoying your adventure, not worrying about finding the closest bathroom.

No Guilt

Your clean eating and workouts shouldn’t be compromised by portable junk food.

No Gag Reflex

There’s nothing worse than choking down stuff that tastes like it was concocted in a lab.

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