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Fast vs Slow Burning Fuel
Ingredients & Nutrition

Fast vs Slow Burning Fuel

Why is it so difficult to just eat while you run? Or rather, to just not eat while you run? It should be simple, right? To just eat when you get hungry, and stop when you feel full. But experience ...

Ingredients & NutritionA 'Radical' Overview of Antioxidants & Performance

A 'Radical' Overview of Antioxidants & Performance

Oxygen is both essential and powerful. Every cell depends on it, but it also liberates free radicals that wreak havoc on the body and may contribute to fatigue and inflammation from exercise.

Ingredients & NutritionFeeling Blue?

Feeling Blue?

Today is a great day to feel blue, well even if you’ve been feeling blue all month that’s okay because July is National Blueberry Month. Tiny, juicy, and full of antioxidants, the blueberry certain...

Ingredients & NutritionNo Really, MUIR is Real

No Really, MUIR is Real

Do you know the difference between a Natural Flavor and an Artificial Flavor? Sounds easy enough to decipher and most answers lean to petroleum... which is mostly correct. It turns out that the mai...

Ingredients & NutritionWhat is Mate? 3 reasons you need it in your life!

What is Mate? 3 reasons you need it in your life!

Muir Energy makes use of Yerba Mate to give you the boost and mental alertness that you need to fuel your adventure!

Ingredients & NutritionAre you skeptical of Muir Energy? So WAS I……

Are you skeptical of Muir Energy? So WAS I……

I can honestly say that using Muir Energy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my nutrition as an endurance athlete—no more burps, no more upset stomach, and no more of the bad kind of r...

Ingredients & NutritionReal Food For Real Adventure

Real Food For Real Adventure

As a professional mountain guide, I have to take good care of my body: plenty of sleep, lots of exercise, and — as much as possible — real, nourishing foods. But as much as I value home-cooked meal...