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Miles, Muir and Me: Clean Eating Gives Life

Miles, Muir and Me: Clean Eating Gives Life
By Kyra Oliver

The Unexpected

I was not always an endurance athlete. In fact, I accidentally stumbled upon becoming a runner, leading me to my unexpected first marathon, and qualifying me for the Boston Marathon.

But what led me to a strong desire for fitness and taking care of my body and mind was also not expected. I lost my son when he was 4 1/2 months old. Fitness crept into my life. That fitness gave me something to look forward to every day. Friends to meet. Goals to achieve.

But I needed more. I needed my body to withstand the training in the healthiest way possible, and I needed my mind to handle what was striking it daily- pain and suffering.

A Clean Eating Lifestyle Helps Me Deal With Life

After years of studying numerous plant-based athletes and various wellness advocates, I learned that it mattered what I gave my body. It affected how it healed both mentally and physically. It affected how I handled life as it came at me.

It has been my quest to find ways to fuel my body as cleanly as possible, whether a much-needed meal or during a race. 

Fueling Mistakes

As I continued my fitness and wellness lifestyle, I found myself adoring endurance races. I went from the marathon, to full Ironman races, making a ton of fueling mistakes along the way. A recent race left me with a hugely bloated belly because I consumed chemical-laden gels and liquids. I knew better, and my body let me know it with the discomfort I endured.

Discovering Muir

A few days after that race, I met a friend in Mammoth. She had a few Muir Energy packets, and as I read the ingredients I became very excited. With Southern California being my home, trails have become my new love and the need for the right fuel became even more important. I never imagined experiencing the grandeur of a hike/run across the Grand Canyon and was nervous. But Muir kept me strong during the entire Rim to Rim adventure, and the 100s of miles of training that preceded it, without an upset stomach.

Muir and My First 50 Mile Ultra

My latest experience, not only showed what Muir had to offer, but it gave me confidence that I have never known. I completed my first 50 mile ultra trail race within my goal time. My 50 mile race was solid, and I contribute that to my training combined with the well executed eating plan that consisted of real food-- no chemicals. I did not have any stomach cramps and my energy levels remained steady most of the time. And because I had Muir, I was not tempted to take food at the aid stations that I knew would upset my stomach.

The new loves of my life, trails and Muir, go hand in hand. I love knowing that I am not going to have a bad experience of feeling sick and bloated because I can trust the ingredients in Muir, and as ultra runners know, trust is a huge part of the adventure.



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Kyra Oliver is a San Diego-based wellness advocate and coach, philanthropist, writer, ultra runner and triathlete who helps others have a healthy lifestyle through her deep passion of clean eating, fitness, and sharing life-giving experiences.