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Evolution in Packaging - Part 3

Evolution in Packaging - Part 3
By Ian Muir McNally
MUIR pouch 2.0 was definitely a step forward. I knew several important iterations would be required to improve its appeal and usability, but with customers already willing to buy them “as is”, I decided to stick with 2.0 and to instead focus on the branding message on the pouches.

When designing the pouch labels, I thought about how I shop. I’m a label reader. Whenever I examine a new product, I immediately turn the package over and read the ingredients. This is what health conscious shoppers do. Why not remove this step and list the ingredients and calories on the front label? I also decided to call my product a “spreadable energy”, to convey the versatile ways it could be used. On the back label, I wanted to list the most important nutrition facts, reference the integrity of my ingredients (organic, vegan, gluten-free, etc) and provide context for usage (i.e. fast burning vs slow burning). This is what I came up with:

My very first customers were my piano students. Because they were already so familiar with my products (weekly taste tests can do that), they hardly noticed the labels.  

My next round of customers - early tasters from the local coffee shops and gyms - were more demanding. I knew they were supportive of my early efforts, but I still wanted to present them with a respectable looking product. They appreciated the simplicity of my branding message and provided some important, critical feedback. This was a HUGE boost. Looking back at these photos of my early pouches is truly a humbling experience. I cannot thank my early adopters enough for their loyalty and encouragement! 

After a very successful product demo at a local climbing gym, Mesa Rim, (side note: they became our first retail account, and continue to be one of our best, most loyal customers. Thank you, Mesa Rim, for your support early on!), I knew it was time to proceed to MUIR pouch 3.0. Here is what my prototype looked like:

In my next blog post, I will explain more fully the evolution of pouch 3.0, including how we decided on purple for our brand, and the ordeal of getting Muir Energy approved by the CA Dept of Public Health.

Takeaway: Every startup needs early adopters. Seek them out, treat them like gold, and listen to what they have to say.


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Ian Muir McNally, founder of Muir Energy, is responsible for harnessing the remarkable talent surrounding him, aligning the collective energy with the Muir Energy ethos, and steering Muir Energy into the market place. A relentless out-of-the-box thinker, some of his best, most unusual, ideas come to him while hiking, running, swimming or walking his dog, Gilbert.