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The 9 Best Energy Gels For Runners In Our Humble Opinion

Energy gels variety of flavors

Whether you're training for a half-marathon, marathon, 50K, or longer ultramarathon energy gels will play a key role in your running nutrition strategy. What you fuel your training and event with will have a big impact on your running performance, and will make the difference between you having adequate energy to cross the finish line and crashing and slowing to a halt mid-race.

Walk into REI or any running store and the number of energy gel options you have to choose is certain to give you decision fatigue. So, how do you go about finding the best energy gel? 


How Do You Choose The Best Energy Gel?

When you're deciding between different energy gels you'll want to consider three main factors: ingredients, flavor, and the intensity of your event. 


Consider Your Energy Gel Ingredients

Here at Muir Energy, we've taken a fresh perspective on energy gels and focused on using real food ingredients that are packed with vitamins and minerals. Every gel is made with only 4-6 ingredients that are easy to metabolize and provide you the sustained energy to keep pushing mile after mile. Flip a Muir Energy gel over and read the ingredient list. It's a stark difference from the typical energy gels in the market that have 15+ ingredients.


Find The Best Tasting Energy Gel Flavors 

Flavor fatigue is a real thing, especially in longer races like a 50K or 100 mile ultramarathon. This is why testing different energy gel flavors is an important part of your training. When you show up to your next race you want to have a variety of flavors you already know you love, so when you start to tire of one flavor you can switch gels and know it's going to work for you. Our entire energy gel product line offers unique sweet, savory, and tart flavors that will delight your palate and prevent flavor fatigue. 


Choose Your Fuel Source Based On The Intensity Of Your Event

Not all running events demand the same nutrition strategy. The type of fuel you use for a higher intensity half-marathon is going to look a little different than the food you'll be using to fuel for an ultramarathon that extends into double digit hours. This is why at Muir Energy we've created Fast Burning Energy Gels and Slow Burning Energy Gels.

With a shorter, high-intensity event you want an energy gel that metabolizes quickly and provides your muscles with glycogen as quickly as possible. Our Fast Burning products use simple sugar sources like dehydrated fruits and vegetables that metabolize quickly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, fast fuel source for your shorter adventures. 

For longer, low-intensity events where you're likely to tire of sweet flavors, you want an energy source that's more satiating and provides sustained energy. Our Slow Burning products are made with raw nut and seed butters that contain healthy fats and protein that metabolize slowly and release energy over time. 


The Best Energy Gels For Runners And Endurance Athletes

The following is a selection of our products that we think, in our humble opinion, are the best energy gels for runners and other endurance athletes in the market. The flavors we offer are powerful, delicious, and unlike anything else you can find out there in the sports nutrition world.


Red Raspberry Mate (Caffeinated) Energy Gel

energy gel made with red raspberry











Calories: 115

Ingredients: Red Raspberry*+, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Black Strap Molasses*, Yerba Mate Extract*, Pink Himalayan Salt.  (*Organic, + Dehydrated)

Get an all-natural 90mg caffeine boost with the Red Raspberry Energy Gel! This simple but flavorful concoction not only has the carbohydrates you need to power high-intensity workouts but contains phytonutrients that can help aid in recovery. 


Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana Energy Gel

energy gel made with passionfruit pineapple banana











Calories: 105

Ingredients: Passion Fruit*+, Pineapple*+, Banana*+, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Pink Himalayan Salt.  (*Organic, + Dehydrated)

Dazzle your taste buds with this tropical energy gel melody! This energy gel is quick to metabolize making it a quick source for energy in higher intensity races like half-marathons and marathons.


Cashew Vanilla Energy Gel

energy gel made with cashews and vanilla











Calories: 140

Ingredients: Raw Cashew Butter*, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Raw Vanilla Extract*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  (*Organic)

Nobody will be able to cashew ;) out on the trails when you're fueling with the Cashew Vanilla Energy Gel! The flavor is buttery and smooth and the energy is long lasting to keep you moving mile after mile at your next ultramarathon. 


Cashew Lemon Energy Gel

energy gel made with cashews and lemon flavor 










Calories: 140

Ingredients: Raw Cashew Butter*, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Lemon Extract*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Pink Himalayan Salt.  (*Organic)

Lemon Cashew Energy Gel is packed with healthy fats and protein like its sister gel Cashew Vanilla, but with a mighty zesty flavor. The result is a clean, sustained fuel source for your longer adventures.


Cacao Almond Mate (Caffeinated) Energy Gel

energy gel made with almond butter and cacao











Calories: 150

Ingredients: Raw Cacao*+, Raw Almond Butter*, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Yerba Mate Extract*, Pink Himalayan Salt. (*Organic, + Dehydrated)

Cacao Almond Mate Caffeinated Energy Gel offers a rich chocolate flavor with the kick of caffeine to keep you alert and a healthy dose of calories to keep you safe from bonking. 


Blueberry Bergamot Energy Gel

energy gel made with blueberries and bergamot











Calories: 106

Ingredients: Blueberry*+, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Bergamot Essential Oil*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Pink Himalayan Salt.  (*Organic, +Dehydrated)

This Blueberry Bergamot Energy Gel is the king of antioxidants! This slightly sweet flavor is sure to keep your taste buds happy and your mouth blue!


Blackberry Thyme Energy Gel

energy gel made with blackberries and thyme flavor











Calories: 115

Ingredients: Blackberry*+, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Thyme Essential Oil*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Pink Himalayan Salt.  (*Organic, +Dehydrated)

The earthy thyme and sweet blackberry flavors of this one of a kind energy gel is the perfect match for your next adventure. Beyond providing you the necessary calories this energy gel is rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and B-complex. See what Men's Journal had to say about our natural energy gels and this flavor.


Sunflower Energy Gel

energy gel made with sunflower seed butter











Calories: 148

Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Butter*, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Pink Himalayan Salt. (*Organic) 

Have a nut allergy? No problem! That's why we developed this seed butter based energy gel flavor. With only 4 ingredients, Sunflower is a tasty flavor that will give you sustained energy during your workouts and events. 


Sweet Potato Oregano Energy Gel

energy gel made with sweet potato and oregano











Calories: 120

Ingredients: Sweet Potato*+, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Oregano Essential Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Pink Himalayan Salt.  (*Organic, + Dehydrated)

You'll be hard pressed to find this unique energy gel flavor anywhere else! This Sweet Potato Oregano energy gel is our most savory and potent pairing, and works great for long runs and rides when you need a break from the sweeter flavors. Read what Outside Magazine had to say about this flavor.