The 5 Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

The 5 Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

MUIR Energy is committed to long-term health – for humans and for the planet.

To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve compiled a list of five eco-friendly gifts for the outdoor athlete in your life. Order now for the best cyber week deals!


The best wearable:

Suunto 9 Peak Pro ($549)



Suunto creates the perfect wearables for the eco-conscious athlete. The Suunto 9 Peak Pro is a GPS multisport watch handcrafted with 100% renewable energy in Finland. It’s also the first Suunto to have its carbon footprint calculated and compensated with Verified Carbon Units. 

It’s designed to be long-lasting and repairable to minimize waste and the impact on the environment.


Suunto 9 Peak Pro features we love:


  • The lowest carbon footprint in the market: the total carbon emissions across its lifespan equates to driving a fossil fuel car for 27 miles
  • Fully carbon compensated through a reforestation project with Tree-Nation
  • Tested to the highest military standard of toughness
  • Daily activity tracking: steps, heart rate, sleep, calories, stress and more
  • Waterproof down to -328 ft (-100 m)
  • 97 sport modes to choose from and the ability to create custom modes

Fun gifts for skiers:

Out of Collective Voile ski strap ($11) and Backcountry Checklist ($12)

Out of Bounds gifts

Looking for fun, silly, and inexpensive gifts for the skier in your family? These gifts have the amount of cheek you would expect from the Out of Collective.


Voile Ski Strap features we love:


  • It’s the ultimate alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords for all sports.
  • It can… 
    • Keep a broken binding together
    • Hold a foot in place when shoelaces or boot buckles break
    • Strap more gear to your pack or car
    • And so much more


Cy Whitling Touring Checklist features we love:


  • You need a checklist when you ski or snowboard in the backcountry. All the work is done for you
  • Comes with 30 Pages: tear em off and take em with ya
  • Use it for year round adventures to remember the necessities 
  • Sassy reminders (“The mountains don’t care how cool you are”) and realistic prompts (“I pooped while it was convenient”)

If you love these gifts, check out all the Out of Collective podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Originally created by Adam Jaber, the network is just that: a collective of ski and outdoor industry veterans who share a strong passion and knowledge for all things happening in the industry.

The most eco-friendly ski: 

WNDR Alpine Intention 108 ($799)


WNDR Alpine Intention 108

 WNDR Alpine Skis

Looking for a full-send gift? WNDR Alpine doesn’t just provide steezy-looking skis; they’re built with biotechnology. They’ve found a way to use both upcycled materials and algae-based polymers to create the most eco-friendly ski on the market–and it performs.


Intention 108 features we love:


  • Most skis and snowboard bases are made from petroleum products (P-Tex). All WNDR Alpine products are made with AlgalTech, a polymer fashioned from algae.
  • Certified B. Corp, a certification indicating the highest social, environmental, and corporate governance standards
  • They offer two programs to reduce ski waste: 
    • Factory blems” gives you a discount on skis or boards with misprinted topsheets
    • Second life” allows you to buy gently used demos and customer returns
  • The ski performs: 
    • A stiff flex and short turn radius for all-mountain adventures
    • Choose your own camber profile


Looking for a snowboard instead? WNDR just launched its resort ripper (BelleAire, $599) and splitboard (BelleTour, $899).

The best clothes for your next adventure:

Ridge Merino Convict Canyon Merino Wool Hoodie, feminine fit/masculine fit ($149.95)

Ridge Merino Wool Hoodie


Merino wool is the premiere material for keeping athletes warm and dry in all conditions. 

Based at the foot of Mammoth Mountain in California, Ridge Merino takes both environmental advocacy and athletic apparel very seriously. They give back as members of 1% For the Planet, Protect Our Winters, Breast Cancer Prevention Program, California Green Business Network, and more.

Give your favorite athlete the gift of year-round comfort and breathability, no matter the adventure.


Convict Canyon Merino Wool Hoodie features we love:


  • A lightweight midlayer perfect for backcountry travel and winter runs
  • Grid construction that increases breathability when you’re hot and provides insulation when you’re cold
  • Weighs as much as a t-shirt and can be compressed to take up minimal pack space
  • Costs about 25% less than comparable big-brand midlayers
  • Made from Merino wool that is sourced from certified humane sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand


If you’ve made it this far, email and say you’re a MUIR Energy customer for an exclusive deal!

The best fuel for winter adventures (of course):

MUIR Energy 24-pack ($59.60)

 MUIR Energy Variety Pack

Pick up a MUIR Energy 24-pack as the perfect stocking stuffer for the athlete in your life. 

MUIR Energy features we love:


  • Digestible. Easy on the stomach, no GI issues
  • Healthy. Calorically & nutritionally dense
  • Simple. 4-6 real food ingredients in each flavor
  • Flavorful. Some tart, some sweet, some savory
  • Versatile. Eat it straight, spread it on a bagel, add to oatmeal or coffee
  • Handmade. Born in the High Sierra, handmade in San Diego, CA


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