We are the first energy gel company in the world committed to offsetting all emissions related to our operations.


MUIR has gone Carbon Neutral

How it’s done:


The BEE software tool helped us estimate the greenhouse gas emissions created when making and delivering MUIR.


Carbon credits have been purchased to offset our yearly determined carbon output. These verified carbon credits fund projects that eliminate emissions all across the globe. We opted for the Nature-Based Offset Pool. Learn more here!


With Climate Neutral taking on a huge portion of this feat, we are able to focus more time and creativity into tackling other ways to decarbonize our business! Our Reduction Action Plan can be found here.

1% For The Planet

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Green Operations

All-Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner

In conjunction with several sustainable and ethical certifications, we are “greening” our operations from the ground up.

Our Founder, Ian McNally, and his wife, Joy, have yet again tapped into one of our core competencies; making clean, simple formulations. They have created a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner to be used at MUIR HQ in San Diego, as well as employee homes.


EcoEnclose Kraft mailer

We are proud to offer our customers a naturally biodegradable mailer made from 100% recycled content, 90% post-consumer waste. They are curbside recyclable, and compostable (though recycling is recommended over composting!).

As simple of a fix as it seems, making the switch from our bubble wrap mailers to EcoEnclose ensures a plastic-free shipping experience, and one step closer to true sustainable business.


2020 Carbon Offset Projects

A carbon offset is a way to drive investment into climate change solutions. Purchasing one carbon credit is equal to avoiding or removing one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (a fancy way to say greenhouse gases) from the atmosphere.

We supported three projects focused on conserving forest ecosystems in Indonesia, Brazil, and the US.



Mountain Rose Herbs: Essential Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs is a trailblazing company that has prioritized the quality of their products, health of Mother Earth, and quality of life for their employees since their early days. MRH sets a standard in business that we admire and hope to emulate!

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Nielsen-Massey: Madagascar Vanilla

Another company to lead an industry-wide shift, Nielsen-Massey became one of the first companies to introduce an Organic and FairTrade vanilla. NM has taken a leadership role in improving the overall health of the vanilla industry, with a particular emphasis on improving economic prospects for the farmers and their families who make the industry possible. MUIR is proud to partner with the folks at Nielsen-Massey!

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Wholesome Sweetener: Blackstrap Molasses

A FairTrade certified company, Wholesome sources molasses across the Tropics. They prioritize social empowerment of each of their producers.

Big Tree Farms: Coconut Palm Nectar

The coconut palm has a huge impact on both local economies and environments in Indonesia. 

The founders of Big Tree Farms use their company to support farmers in tried-and-true traditional methods that foster the long term health of the environment and the economy.

Sustainability Suggestions

Email us at sustainability@muirenergy.com