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Fueling with Real Food

Real food has been fueling humans for tens of thousands of years. This is a powerful legacy that we find extremely compelling. It is why we are committed to nourishing you exclusively with real food ingredients.

When you eat real food, you are not consuming single nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins, minerals, co-factors and enzymes, that allow for optimal absorption and use by the body. For example, it is commonly known that bananas are a great source of potassium. But with each bite, you are also consuming (low glycemic) sugars, vitamin C, B6 vitamins, and magnesium. 

Human digestion has evolved over millennia to optimize the metabolic process of real food consumption.

Real food consumption requires masticating. Masticating stimulates the salivary glands, which in turn stimulate the digestive glands. In other words, while you’re chewing your food, your digestive system is primed to receive that food BEFORE it arrives in the stomach.

This is precisely why our products are viscous. The few seconds it takes to masticate and ingest MUIR is long enough to to allow the natural digestive process to activate and function properly. Your palate will relish our flavorful products, and your stomach will thank you for honoring its digestive process.  

Several other ways MUIR keeps your stomach happy:

- Our nutrient dense real food ingredients are super easy to metabolize;

- Real foods are satiating - you’ll need less to stave off your hunger, meaning you can go further between feeding sessions, thereby reducing the risk of GI upset.

Using just a handful of carefully selected real food ingredients, we have created our entire product line. The result is a panoply of flavors to delight your palate (sweet, tart, savory) and to meet your caloric needs (fast and slow burning).

Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition (quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals) than any other product in our space.

Specific information about our ingredients can be found here.