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The Real Food Difference

Run, Climb, Picnic, Bike Stronger with Real Food

What do we mean by Real Food?

When we talk about Real Food, we mean whole foods that undergo only TLP – Tender, Loving Processing: only the gentlest processing like washing, cutting, freezing, or dehydrating.

Committing to the gentlest route from farm to gel pack keeps nutrients and micronutrients in their most natural state, maximizing nutrient retention and bioavailability.

Real Food = Whole Foods + TLP (tender, loving processing)

Real Food implies there are imposters among us. What is Fake Food then?

Fake food is essentially a conglomeration of deconstructed real foods plus ingredients that were never food in the first place. During deconstruction and reassembly, food undergoes harsh processing by heat, pressure, oxidation, and harsh chemicals.

Engineering food this way makes it miraculously controllable, which makes sense for businesses that prioritize long shelf life and consumer expectations, but not for businesses that prioritize the health of people and the planet, like MUIR.

Fake Food = Deconstructed Real Food + Non-Food Ingredients

It’s true that ‘fake foods’ can deliver intense effects, both positive and negative. Generally, the more isolated a nutrient is, the more intense the effect you’ll experience. Be mindful that anything that stimulates an intense effect on the gut may ultimately lead to GI (gastrointestinal) stress. GI stress manifests as multiple trips to the woods and the inability to take in water or calories.

Isolated Nutrients → Intense Effect on the Gut → GI Stress → Trips to the Woods

Why We’re Committed to Real Food

In contrast to fake foods, Real Foods are more complex. Nutrients are retained in their natural bio-matrix, allowing for a stable release into your bloodstream. Generally, foods with greater release stability are more gentle on your gut, so you can stay out in the wild longer, stronger, and happier.

Plus, Real Foods retain the abundance of micronutrients like vitamin c and magnesium that support the body, so there’s no need for us to add synthetic versions back in.

(Real Food Nutrients = More Complex) → Stable Release into Bloodstream + Naturally Occurring Micronutrients → Happy Gut, Strong Adventure

Not all food is created equal, and we recognize that you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to fueling your adventures. At MUIR, we embrace the perfect balance Mother Earth has already achieved, and we respect her as the best food engineer. We’re committed to using only the highest quality Real Food ingredients in our products, because we recognize Real Foods as the superior fuel to support your health, adventures, and the planet.