Keeping It Real - Three ways MUIR commits to sustainability year-round

Keeping It Real - Three ways MUIR commits to sustainability year-round
BY Katey Ford, MUIR Impact

We have always done things a bit differently from other energy gel companies; from our humble farmer’s market roots, to our real food approach, even transcending into environmental efforts, we’ve forged an unconventional path that we are incredibly proud of.

This Earth Month, MUIR Impact Lead Katey Ford breaks down our year-round commitment to sustainability.


As you may have noticed on our pouches, we showcase two labels that show off my hard work! It can be tricky marketing your brand as “sustainable” these days, as the risk of being classified as “greenwashing” runs high. We intentionally set out to find the right certifications to help mitigate our environmental impact. The two best certifications that fit our vision best are Climate Neutral and 1% For The Planet - Here’s why:

  • Climate Neutral uses their proprietary Brand Emissions Estimator (BEE) to audit and measure a company’s carbon footprint. This intensive process evaluates operations and identifies the largest emissions and waste offenders.
  • Climate Neutral holds us accountable year-round by mandating that each brand create a Reduction Action Plan. This plan ensures that we are taking actionable steps to reduce waste beyond only buying carbon offsets.
  • Their portfolio of carbon offset projects is verified and legitimate.
  • The 1% For The Planet membership allows us to donate 1% of gross annual profits to a verified catalog of environment-focused nonprofits. 

Actionable steps towards sustainability

Ian Muir McNally, Founder and CEO of MUIR Energy

Our 2021 Reduction Action Plan uses data we received from the Climate Neutral Brand Emission Estimator. The parcels received from our suppliers, and the parcels that we shipped to our retailers and directly to customers accounted for the majority of our 51 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020. With our shipping best practices now in place, we can focus this year’s efforts on smaller emissions & waste offenders:

  1. MUIR hydration goes scoop-less! We have decided to forgo including a plastic scoop in our hydration pouches. This might seem trivial, and maybe even obvious, since we all have spoons at home. This simple act will prevent thousands of single-use plastic scoops from entering the waste stream. Check out MUIR Hydration.
  2. MUIR employee commuting has turned to public transportation and is pedal powered. Our CEO and Founder, Ian sold his car, opting to travel to MUIR HQ by bike, while other members of our production team arrive at MUIR HQ by public transportation. Our marketing team is primarily remote, which further reduces emissions due to commuting. We estimate this saves around 3.2 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.
  3. Materials selection for packaging has always been top of mind. We are painfully aware of the single-use nature of our pouches and continue to research a biodegradable and food-safe option. As technologies advance, we get one step closer to a solution for the most glaring waste issue MUIR faces. 


We believe in doing right by the planet and those who inhabit it. We will never shy away from the truth and pledge to keep you in the loop with all aspects of our operations. This is why we share what is in the food you’re eating, where it comes from, and who we partner with! Visit our Impact page to read about our incredible ingredient vendors.

This work is incredibly important to me, and I hope you enjoyed reading about our ongoing “green” efforts. We don’t always get it right, but we are certainly striving to. Please feel welcome to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or just to say hi!

Katey Ford, MUIR Impact

Keep it real,

Katey Ford

MUIR Impact