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The MUIR Team Is Growing

The MUIR Team Is Growing

The team at MUIR Energy is STOKED to introduce you to our two new members, Tiare Vincent and Georgia Danielson! 

Tiare Vincent, Community Lead

She’s our new social media virtuoso and leading outreach in our community and with our Mavericks. Check out our Insta and show some love!

Meet Tiare:

I’m a Hawaii native but have been living in Washington State since I was 12 years old. I fell in love with mountains and had a big life change that made me see them as the biggest part of my life. 

I’ve been trail running for the last 8 years and love training for ultras. You can find me smiling on mountain tops and befriending all humans and dogs that cross my path.

My favorite thing about MUIR Energy is that they only use 4-6 REAL ingredients that I can trust. They are delicious and sustain me on long adventures. I love the vision of MUIR and everything that they stand for as a company & what they’re doing for mother earth.”

Say hi to Tiare on Instagram



Georgia Danielson, Content Lead

She’s here to champion the MUIR Mission and Values throughout our content. Make sure to stop by the MUIR Journal between coffee breaks!

Meet Georgia: 

“I grew up in rural Wisconsin, went to university in Oregon, and currently live and play in Durango, Colorado. You can find me spending long hours in the mountains, the deserts, or the ocean recalibrating with Mother Earth.

I earned my BS in Food Science and currently spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to fuel for sports performance, which is what originally attracted me to MUIR.

I also love a good story and believe they’re all around us if we can listen and ask the right questions. I’m ecstatic to join the MUIR team as Content Lead, and can’t wait to dive in deeper to this amazing community.”

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We’re pretty excited for the future of MUIR Energy with these two and think you should be, too!