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Elite Athlete

Timothy Olson

Mindful Mountain Ultra Runner

Timothy Olson is the two-time winner and record holder of Western States 100 Mile race. Timothy enjoys long runs up mountains, challenging his body, mind and spirit. He finds inspiration in the land, trees, mountains and wildlife, connecting with them on the run, feeling their energy, allowing him to run wild and free. He believes that by being connected to our earth and living consciously and mindfully, we can create vibrations to inspire individual and collective steps to heal, care and nurture our environment and ourselves. Timothy uses a daily meditation practice and has found the value of this practice to motivate, inspire and balance his passions of family, running, nutrition and mindful lifestyle. Timothy lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, Krista, and sons Tristan & Kai. Timothy and his family enjoy their travels throughout the world – exploring new trails and experiencing new cultures while letting the adventures of the mountains guide their journey.


Catra Corbett
Ultra Runner

Ed Ettinghausen
Ultra Runner

Sean Nakamura
Ultra Runner

Candice Burt
Ultra Runner

Jesse Haynes
Ultra Runner

Ian Morgan
Ultra Runner

Fran Gonzalez
Ultra Runner

Sabrina Stanley
Ultra Runner

Brogan Graham
Athlete/Founder of November Project


Boom Running
Running Lifestyle Apparel 

Luis Escobar
Photographer/Ultra Runner/Race Director

Roberta Horn
Ultra Runner

Kyra Oliver
Triathlete/Ultra Runner

Matthew Morales
Ultra Runner

Crista Tappan
Ultra Runner/CEO of Dirtbag Runners

Liz Sullivan

Rob Newton
Ultra Runner

Benjamin Altenes
Photographer/Ultra Runner

Dirtbag Runners
Running Community

Todd Segraves
Ultra Runner

Johnny Zarbock
Ultra Runner

Jessica Hofheimer
Distance Runner/Coach

Ryan Haylett
Ultra Runner

Dr. Shannon Howell
Mountain Biker

Thomas Torres
Ultra Runner

Ian Ramsey
Ultra Runner

Heather Simon
Ultra Runner

Will Owens
Ultra Runner/

David Essary
Ultra Runner

Isabella Janovick
Ultra Runner

Cathy Kemper

Chad Pritchard
Ultra Runner/Veteran

Mike Popejoy
Ultra Runner

Donald Lewis
Ultra Runner

Samuel Forsyth
Ultra Runner

Pamela Hogue
Ultra Runner/Flight Attendant  

Tony Gross
Ultra Runner

Lauren Muir
Plant-Based Runner

Mindy Randall
Trail Runner

Mariah Summers
Ultra Runner

Kasey Stertz
Ultra Runner

Emily Kisicki
Road Runner

James Lambert
Ultra Runner

Michael King
Ultra Runner

Ruairi Moynihan
Ultra Runner

Allison Marengo
Runner/Pilates Instructor

Robby Hass
Ultra Runner

Christie Wang
Runner/Pilates Instructor

Mike Bates
Mountain Biker

Aaron McCreery

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