Muir Hydration 2022

Introducing MUIR Hydration

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Subtly flavored and low in sugar, MUIR Hydration replenishes electrolytes and other important minerals, while providing an immune-boosting supply of Vitamins A and C.

REAL means simple ingredients
REAL means high standards of quality
REAL means more for your body
REAL means fast, efficient training recovery

This is what real tastes like

A note from our Founder & CEO, Ian Muir McNally:

Tastes real - subtle in flavor and low in sugar, so you can enjoy drinking MUIR hour after hour.

An electrolyte profile that hydrates and keeps your body running smoothly so you can tackle anything.

Three to four real food ingredients that provide the right amount of energy with multiple naturally occurring sugars to sustain your endurance activity and keep you feeling strong.

Clean, natural, and easily absorbed ingredients keep your stomach happy.

The Audacity Of Simple

Every product starts with wanting to solve a problem. Ours was clear: hydration products on the market are sticky sweet messes made with synthetic tasting ingredients, that aren’t really thirst quenching, and leave most athletes with a stomach ache. With a rebellious spirit, we set out to create an audaciously simple hydration product that uses only 3 real food ingredients, tastes great, delivers essential electrolytes, and leaves athletes feeling energized and hydrated.

As with everything we create at Muir Energy, we looked to Mother Nature not just for inspiration, but for sustenance. By turning to high-quality natural, nutrient-rich real food ingredients, we were able to raise the bar on sports hydration and create a simple hydration drink mix that tastes great, has an ideal electrolyte profile, and delivers just enough energy without the sugar overload that induces dread before every sip.

Our entire Real Food Hydration line uses just 3-4 ingredients in each flavor. Real fruits and vegetables, and salt. That’s it!

Subtly flavored and low in sugar, Muir Hydration replenishes lost electrolytes and other important minerals, and provides an immune-boosting supply of Vitamins A and C.

Clean and simple with just 3-4 ingredients 

Product Comparison

Muir Energy
(Strawberry Basil)
Muir Energy
(Mango Lime)
GuTailwindSkratch Labs
Nuun Sport
Serving Size10g20g4.5g27g22g5.5g
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat (g)0g0g0g0g0g0g
Sodium (mg)100mg300mg320mg303mg380mg300mg
Total Carbohydrate (g)8g25g3g25g20g2g
Dietary Fiber (g)1g1g0g0g0g0g
Sugar (g)5g21g1g25g19g1g
Added Sugar (g)0g4g1g25g19g1g
Protein (g)1g0g0g0g0g0g
Potassium (mg)141mg13mg55mg88mg53mg150mg
Calcium (mg)25mg9mg 0mg26mg46mg13mg
Magnesium (mg)4mg1mg0mg14mg40mg025mg
Iron (mg)0mg0mg0mg0mg0mg0mg
Vit A (IU)118% DV23% DV0% DV0% DV0% DV0% DV
Vit C (mg)24% DV21% DV0% DV0% DV0% DV0% DV
Folate (mcg)4mcg (1% DV)1mcg (0% DV)0% DV0% DV0% DV0% DV
Phosphorous (mg)3mg (1% DV)2mg (0% DV)0% DV0% DV0% DV0% DV

Mango Lime

Strawberry Basil

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