Mango Lime Hydration Mix (20 serving bag)

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REAL means simple ingredients
REAL means high standards of quality
REAL delivers more to your body
REAL means fast, efficient training recovery

Mango Lime For Sport
Mango Lime Hydration Mix works hard for you. It’s not just fancy flavoring–it has muscle. The For Sport mix is formulated with training days in mind, featuring a solid dose of electrolytes. These minerals don’t come from additives either; pink Himalayan salt provides sodium and natural fruit sources provide potassium, both critically important for preventing fatigue, brain fog, cramping, and more.

  • Tropical mango with a kick of lime for real flavor that doesn’t overwhelm your palate
  • Sweetened with Palm Sugar to provide energy during exercise
  • Balanced electrolytes to replenish what’s lost through sweat
  • Real food of the highest quality supports whole health, not just performance

MUIR Real Food Hydration
Today’s hydration products focus more on sugar than electrolytes–flavor over function. MUIR Energy knows what athletes really need from sports drinks: electrolyte replenishment, a palatable but natural flavor, real food ingredients, and minimal environmental impact. That’s exactly what you get with MUIR hydration mixes.

Learn more about The Real Food Difference and the health benefits of Our Ingredients.

*This is hydration, not sugarade nation. But feel free to add another scoop or mix MUIR Hydration with a smoothie or juice for an extra kick to the tastebuds.

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