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What's Cooking in the MUIR Kitchen?

What's Cooking in the MUIR Kitchen?

What’s cooking in the MUIR kitchen? Here are the newest and juiciest updates from MUIR HQ.

MUIR Energy Kitchen

MUIR Energy Founder & CEO Ian Muir McNally never stops refining flavors and recipes. We choose to be audacious by focusing on simplicity–by making flavors you know and love, but doing it better than anyone else. Here’s how we’re cooking up “audacious simplicity” in the MUIR Kitchen:

Red Raspberry: A fan favorite all around. RR is getting an extra dose of raspberry to pump up its sweet, tart, complex flavor.

Seasonal flavors: Get ready for more of them! We know you love variety, so we’re committing to new flavors (or the return of fan favorites) every season. Who knows what’s brewing for fall…

Pineapple: You love our pineapple flavors–we know, because we love them too. We’re giving pineapple the opportunity to shine as its own simple and powerful tropical flavor. It’s also our flagship flavor for…

…The Test Kitchen: Join us in the MUIR Test Kitchen! Have a first taste of every new flavor (like pineapple) and help us make it perfect. Every Test Kitchen pouch includes a QR code to a flavor survey so YOU can tell us how to make it absolutely perfect. We’ll announce Test Kitchen batches on the MUIR website and social media – but order your samples ASAP and don’t miss a single flavor.

MUIR Energy Kitchen

Overall: We don’t just want to make a product that tastes amazing; we want it to work hard for you. Part of making the perfect energy gel is ease of digestion. We’ve reformulated all flavors to have a more fluid, quicker-to-slurp consistency so you can fuel up and go! It’s like refueling a jet mid-air, instead of having to stop to fill the tank. 


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