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New Year, New Decade, NEW MUIR HYDRATION

New Year, New Decade, NEW MUIR HYDRATION

We are so excited to welcome Hydration to the MUIR Energy family. It’s something we’ve been working on in the kitchen with the intent to supplement our everyday lifestyles and especially on race day. And just because our hydration needs the assistance of water to activate, don’t think we’ve strayed away from the Audacity of Simple.

MUIR Real Food Hydration is meant to be a compliment to our family of fast and slow burning energy gels. Where our gels have 4-6 ingredients, the new MUIR Hydration has just 3 simple, clean, and subtly flavored ingredients. With a rebellious spirit, we set out to create a MUIR Hydration that had to taste great, deliver essential electrolytes, and leave athletes feeling energized and hydrated.

Real fruits, Real vegetables, and Salt. That’s it!
Our entire Real Food Hydration line uses just 3 ingredients in each flavor.  

Mango Lime
This refreshing yet subtle flavor will tickle your palate with tropical mango and a citrus kick of lime. Clean tasting, low in calories and with no added sugar, you can drink Mango Lime all day long without taxing your stomach or tastebuds. 

Raspberry Beet
Raspberries are the main attraction, but the beets came to play ball as well. Clean tasting, low in calories and with no added sugar, Raspberry Beet will nourish the palate and is light on the stomach. Even if you’re not a fan of beets, our hydration will change your mind.


  • Tastes real - subtle in flavor and low in sugar, so you can enjoy drinking MUIR hour after hour.
  • An electrolyte profile that hydrates and keeps your body running smoothly so you can tackle anything.
  • 3 real food ingredients that provide the right amount of energy with multiple naturally occurring sugars to sustain your endurance activity and keep you feeling strong.
  • Clean, natural, and easily absorbed ingredients keep your stomach happy.

And what makes the MUIR Hydration even better, is that it’s something water has been asking for. Some days the body needs a break, a cheat day, and our hydration is perfect for a day on the couch, a casual stroll along the beach, and after extensive product testing we figured out the Mango Lime is pretty darn tasty with a little ice and tequila… healthy drinking right? 

Our new MUIR Hydration is for when thirst calls, whether that be morning, noon, or night… pre, during or post-race. The tastes are subtly delicious, the flavors are made from just 3 clean, real food ingredients, and when you’ve got an electrolyte deficient, MUIR Hydration shines above the rest.