MUIR's Commitment to Sustainability and a Better Tomorrow

MUIR's Commitment to Sustainability and a Better Tomorrow

We at MUIR are taking a stand and making the effort as a company and culture to better the way we operate for the better of the planet and future of exploration in the beauty of Mother Nature’s offering. And within the last week, we have joined 1% For the Planet and committed to becoming Climate Neutral with certification coming early 2021.

And while it is becoming more and more evident that the masses are starting to pay attention to what’s happening around the world and by the world, we mean Mother Earth, it was MUIR Founder & CEO Ian Muir McNally’s “vision for MUIR has been to build a sustainable, ethically and environmentally centered, company that nourishes people as they move across the planet. To accomplish this as effectively as possible, we have to be as committed to caring for the planet as we are to human health. This is why we use only organic, real food ingredients; it is why we make MUIR by hand; and it is why we have joined 1% for the Planet and why we are Climate Neutral committed.”

1% for the Planet

Officially a member of the international organization 1% for the Planet, we have joined members who contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. And while MUIR Energy is dedicated to continued contribution, it goes without saying, that all of the MUIR community will be joining us as we can not contribute without your help. 1% for the Planet is built on the mission to "build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet." We are proud to be a part of 1% for the Planet and international following surrounding the monumental organization.


Climate Neutral

While our certification is around the corner, MUIR has fully committed to becoming Climate Neutral as company and brand. It starts with measuring the emissions generated by making and delivering the real food nutrition you’ve come to love. Once we know the carbon footprint of MUIR, in and out of our offices, we’ll purchase credits to offset our emissions that will ultimately help to fund worldwide projects fighting for better tomorrow. And to seal the deal, we’re putting plans in action to reduce our impact on the environment. We will be joining over 145 brands that are Climate Neutral Certified totaling 200,893 tonnes of carbon offset. 

We want to be better for you and the planet. We have nothing to hide and want to be transparent. And we want the world to know that these are not just words, we will be held accountable for our actions. Tomorrow starts with all of us and consciously making the effort to secure a better future.