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Looking for a race, these are still ON!

Looking for a race, these are still ON!

It seems lucky if you can plan a week ahead at the moment and with race season tinkering on a “fingers crossed” way of life it’s hard to get the mind right not knowing if the hard work you should be putting in will have a payday. And if you’ve had your big race or a few favorites canceled due to THE CORONA, there are still plenty scheduled for the next couple of months and we found some to scratch that itch and put your hard work towards a physical finish line.

Alpine Running - Sponsored by MUIR


Three Sisters Skyline - Sisters, OR - 50k, ½ Marathon

October 3-4

Running through the high Cascade peaks of Oregon, the Three Sisters Skyline is an eye tantalizing run at altitude. Expect to run through an old burn zone as life is beginning to return and if the ½ marathon is your distance of choice, your furry friend is welcome to join the run.


Old Cascadia - Lava Lake Sno-Park, OR - 50m, 20m
October 10-11

The Old Cascadia is all about the ups and downs. Running through the Cascades, this ultra offers up 12,500 feet of gain and loss, through a lollipop course of single track that ascends and descends Crescent Mountain. 



Daybreak Racing - Sponsored by MUIR


Cloud Cap - Mt Hood, OR - Mountain Marathon, ½ Marathon, 10k
September 26

Running the trails surrounding Mt Hood, the Cloud Cap is a race about the clouds. The course runs through a 2008 burn zone with views of vibrant orchards of the Hood River Valley, Columbia Gorge, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier to the north, and the sprawling high desert of Central Oregon to the east. 



Rogue Gorge - Union Creek, OR - 50k
October 17th

The first annual Rogue Gorge will be a 50K trail miles of enchanting and rugged singletrack, hugging tightly to the volcanic bluffs above the famous river, shrouded by colossal old growth forest. The Upper Rogue River churns and boils its way through collapsed lava tube chasms, cascading waterfalls, and underground tunnels.

Others Around the U.S. 


Peak Blood Root Ultra - Pittsfield, VT - 200m, 100m, 50m, 50k
September 9-12

Tucked in the Green Mountains of New England, this Peak Ultra offers a lengthy challenge for all runners and if you’ve got a few screws loose, the weekend begins with a 200 miler. Expect significant elevation changes and astounding views from the seasonal foliage.

Outerbelt Ultra - Chicago, IL - 210m, 100m, 50m, 50k
October 15-17

210 miles (or shorter distances) circling the great midwest city of Chicago is the 1st Annual Outer Belt Ultra. The Chicago Outerbelt is a trail that will extend from Downtown’s Buckingham Fountain to the south suburbs, west to the Des Plaines River Trail, up north to Lake County, and finally back south along the Chicago lakefront. Expect smooth sailing with little to no elevation change and experience far from the urban metropolis of the Windy City.

Whiskey Basin - Prescott, AZ - 91k, 60k, 33k
November 7 

You’d think it’s going to be a sun burner because it’s in Arizona, but you may be surprised by the high elevation of Prescott and the untamed weather in November. You can expect to find single track, rock scrambles, and encapsulating views as you circle the city of Prescott. And all said and done, better believe the Whiskey Basin Ultra will have whiskey flowing at the finish line.

Rio Del Lago - Folsom Lake, CA - 100m
November 7

Along the Sierra Foothills of California, this 100 miler will wow runners with views and terrain. Expect to find singletrack, old miner sand bars, before starting in on an Auburn Hills loop around mile 50. And what fun is there in running a 100 miler if there aren't any ups and downs or roughly 13,500 feet of elevation gain/loss. And take note, before the day is done, there is a 20% grade climb - have fun all you billy goats.

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Photography credit: 
James Holk