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How to Pack Your Running Vest for Max Efficiency on a Long Run

How to Pack Your Running Vest for Max Efficiency on a Long Run
By Georgia Danielson, Content Editor 

In this video, I show you how to pack your running vest for max efficiency for a 4 hour long run.

This is the baseline of what you’ll need:

Real Food:

6 x MUIR Energy Gels

~ 810 calories

3 x Clementines

~110 calories

1 x Potato Chips

~220 calories


~1,140 calories

Note: Bring 1-2 hours worth of extra calories. So, if you estimate consuming 200 calories/hour for 4 hours, you’ll definitely need 200 x 4 = 800 calories.  800 + (2hours x 200) = 800 + 400 = 1200 calories. This amounts to just one or two extra gels – this is not  much more to carry to make sure you don’t bonk!

Emergency Kit: 

  • Ibuprofen 
  • Antacid Tabs
  • Ginger Chews
  • Hygiene Wipes

Hopefully you won’t need to use any of these, but if you do, it’s a quick solution. 


  • Light Layer
  • Water bottle


  • 1 Water Bottle (plus one backup)

This is for when you can refill both bottles 1-2 times over the course of a 4 hour long run. If you cannot refill water on your run, you’ll need to carry more water.  Water is very heavy – it’s worth finding a convenient water stop along to avoid carrying more water than what you need plus a little backup.  

Main advantages to packing this way: 

  • Everything you’ll need over the run is easily accessible WITHOUT taking off your pack.
  • The pack is weighted well for comfortable riding. Your backup water bottle in the back keeps the pack weighted evenly.
  • You leave your best-closing pocket for trash – ideally, it’s zippered