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How MUIR Athletes are Preparing for Summer

How MUIR Athletes are Preparing for Summer

Are you getting ready for a summer of races and running? Check out what these featured MUIR athletes are up to, plus strategies for using MUIR gels as part of training. 

Jimmy Elam, Utah

Jimmy will be pacing his friend and collegiate teammate Tim Tollefson, “arguably the most decorated Ultra Runner in the US” at Western States. To prepare, Jimmy has been logging 18+ mile runes with lots of downhill in order to prepare for the last 40 miles of the race. 

After States, Jimmy will be increasing training to 15-18hrs / 25k climbing a week, preparing for UTMB in Chamonix, France.

“With so many hours of workload a week, I'll need to really focus on my nutrition. Eating is training too, and getting in enough calories to recover is key.” 

Jimmy’s strategy: Use slow-burning energy gels like Cacao Almond and Cashew Lemon for increased calories, topping it off with a protein recovery drink. 

Catra Corbett, California

Catra’s main summer goal is the Triple Crown of 200s…again! This includes the Tahoe 200 in California, Bigfoot 200 in the Cascade Mountains of Washington and Moab 240 in Utah.

Catra will also be completing two scenic fastpacks of the Tahoe Rim Trail (about 170 miles) and her annual trip on the John Muir Trail (about 210 miles).

Of course, her doxies will follow her whenever they can. TruMan is still going strong at 16, while newcomers Whitney and BaXter are running plenty of miles!

Catra’s strategy: Catra loves all MUIR flavors, and when you’re eating gels for days on end, variety is key! She eats big vegan meals at aid stations, then uses MUIR gels for all the miles in between. 

Meredith Edwards, Colorado


This summer, Meredith is planning to go longer and stronger than ever before. Not only is she upping her mileage; she’s upping her time in the gym as well. 

On the list for Meredith: Broken Arrow Skyrace in Olympic Valley, CA and the Hardrock 100 in Colorado

Meredith’s Strategy: Meredith’s go-to gels are Cacao Almond, Cashew Vanilla, the mate gels and Red Raspberry. She uses a combination of whole food snacks and MUIR Energy gels to keep her satisfied, no matter if she’s lifting or running.