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Holiday Survival Guide to Eating Clean, Managing Stress, & Staying Energized

Holiday Survival Guide to Eating Clean, Managing Stress, & Staying Energized

The holidays are supposed to be a time to enjoy loved ones, step away from screens, and indulge in time off work and yummy treats. But hey, we all know they can be stressful, throwing you out of the routines and habits that keep you grounded.

Luckily, we’ve got some advice to help you keep balanced this season. Check it out: 

1. Avoid unsatisfying airport food by packing flight-friendly snacks

Airport food is expensive and largely underwhelming... but it’s easy to remedy by packing a few items in your carry-on to enjoy while you’re on a layover or in the air that are super healthy and energizing.

Our Favorites: 

2. Ditch the gas station coffee and spendy airport lattes by bringing your own high-quality instant pour over or treat yourself to fancy tea.

The holiday stress can mean doubling up on caffeine just to keep up. Not only can this sneaky expense turn out to be substantial, it can end up sucking away a lot of time, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place and need to spend time just deciding on and finding a coffee shop! 

Instead, treat yourself to the fancy teas at the grocery store or online and stash them in your purse, car, or travel bag for easy access.

While instant coffee usually brings a sour face to mind, craft coffee roasters have been seriously stepping up their game in the last couple of years. You can find a great selection at grocery stores and always online. 

Our favorites: 

3. Pack a cooler of left-overs and indulge on the fun, healthy snacks for road trips. 

Stopping to find some place to eat can be a hassle, and amid all of the times over the holidays where your regular diet is thrown off, this is one opportunity to save some time, money, and stay healthy. 

Prepare ahead of time by packing a cooler with leftovers and whatever else seems tasty. Unless you bring a stove (which we’ve totally done before!) try to avoid food that you might not want to eat chilled. We recommend using a small cooler. 

Then, on your next trip to the grocery store, hit the snacks and opt for the healthy ones! 

Our Favorites: 

4. Look at your schedule before your holiday craziness hits so you can get a realistic idea of when and how much time you can spend exercising or outside.

You might feel selfish taking time for yourself to go for a run or a walk outside, but we’re here to tell you that with a little planning, communication, and setting realistic expectations it can allow you to “show up” for your loved ones more fully.

Exercise often grounds so many of us, allows us to burn off the daily “crazies,” and is usually more invigorating than tiring. Plus, we all know how hard it can be to get back on the wagon after falling off during the holiday crazy season. 

Before your holiday plans start, take a good look at your schedule. Ask yourself how much time you can spend getting in a short run, lift, or walk. You likely won’t be able to put as much in as you normally do, so set the bar lower. 

If you usually run 45 minutes every day, bump it down to 20-30minutes. If you usually go for a 20 minute walk, shoot for a 10 minute walk. If you usually spend 5 days working out, bump it down to 3. That way, when your plans are heating up, your goals will feel easy and enjoyable rather than arduous and intimidating.

5. Invite your friends and family on your outdoor or fitness time. 

This might be a great time to invite those you’re spending time with along on your easy fitness/outdoor days. Plus, the endorphins from exercise can help strengthen relationships and build a sense of accomplishment.

Remember: if someone agrees to join you on a walk, run, bike ride, etc. don’t crush them.

A great goal whenever you invite someone to join you is to end the time with them feeling empowered. Don’t be that person making a point to show how easy this is for you and how you normally run 5x this distance. That’s very discouraging. On the contrary, there’s really no better feeling than empowering a loved one and showing them their competence to get outside and breathe in fresh air regularly. 


6. Sign up for a Turkey Trot and remember to pack snacks!

To help with motivation, you can sign up for a local Turkey Trot and invite your loved ones to join in by registering for the race or cheering on the runners. 

Don’t forget to pack the sports nutrition products you normally use, like MUIR Energy Red Raspberry and MUIR Energy Strawberry!

7. Remember to drink water!

Running around can leave you dehydrated and tank your energy levels. Keep a water bottle with you and remember to keep sipping throughout the day. Add in a low/no sugar electrolyte mix to increase absorption. 

Final Thoughts

The holidays are a crazy time where your routines and healthy habits that give you energy and stamina are often thrown to the wayside. Using some of the tips in this guide can keep you feeling energized by fueling with healthy foods and scheduling time to go outside for enjoyment.