Cleaning Up Old Habits

Cleaning Up Old Habits

The time has come to put our values into practice. We are a team of Earth-minded individuals that prioritize bikes over cars, canvas over plastic, and right over wrong. We are laying the foundation to be the World’s first energy gel company to heal the planet. Our outlook is long and we are starting now!

In conjunction with several sustainable and ethical certifications (Climate Neutral, 1% For the Planet), we are “greening” our operations from the ground up. Our Founder, Ian McNally, and his wife, Joy, have yet again tapped into one of our core competencies; making clean, simple formulations. They have created a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner to be used at MUIR HQ in San Diego, as well as employee homes. 

We believe that this first step in re-imagining our practices will set the tone for pivotal changes ahead.

We are using reusable (and recycled), glass spray bottles, and will refill our bottles at MUIR HQ whenever we need to, goodbye plastic!

The concoction includes a blend of essential oils (that we already use in our MUIR products!), if you are interested in our recipe and staying updated on our sustainability efforts, use the link below to sign-up for Impact Emails!

Thank you for reading and enjoy a fresh start to the year.