Let's help the ultimate endurance athletes

Please consider joining MUIR Energy in supporting the healthcare community during this time. We've already donated hundreds of energy gels to local San Diego hospitals, but the need keeps growing. We want to give you the chance to do your part, if able, to directly help those that are putting themselves in harm's way to treat others.

For all the medical community, your health is just as important as those you’re treating. Without all of you, we would certainly be far worse off than we are now. We hope that providing you with clean, real food energy will make those tireless days and nights just a little bit better, we're all in this together.

How it works

You can buy as many energy gels as you wish to donate

We pack them up and coordinate with local hospitals for drop-offs

The rest of us stay home while they keep kicking ass

Donate an energy gel for a healthcare worker

All energy gels purchased through this special product will be donated to our San Diego medical community during this time of need. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Donate Energy Gels

Stay Safe & Healthy Friends!