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Customer Feedback

We know how important it is to be REAL.
Here are what our customers are saying about our products. STRAIGHT UP reviews from people like you.


Both myself and my boyfriend Ian used Muir at the Kiawah Marathon this past Saturday and loved it. We are both totally hooked on both the fast and slow burning fuels. Ian completed his marathon in three hours and had no stomach issues (he’s been known to swerve off the beaten path and relive himself a time or two). I had an issue with my foot, and had to slow down, but my energy felt great the entire time.


I've learned to use Cashew Vanilla during the last 8-10 miles of a marathon or towards the end of a long run. I like how you have them classified as slow burning or fast burning. Knowing this - helps me in fueling. I've tried Raspberry and Hazelnut Banana. I liked both of those. I'm not a real fan of Cacao Almond, as the chocolate is too dark tasting. Love the "real food" aspect. I've also used it when hungry on a long run. I'd add it into oatmeal, too, if needed, in place of nut butter. Usually, I just eat it right from the wrapper that it comes in - on the go, during a run.
Thank you for providing a wonderful product!!


My girlfriend Elizabeth and I enjoy the MUIR real food, thank you! 

We occasionally will spread the MUIR gels on toast with peanut butter & fresh fruit (our version of a PB&J ... PB&M)) and we enjoy our PB&M with our coffees on the way to the trailhead, However, the majority of the time the energy gels have been our go to gel on the trails and during races. A year ago, a friend told me about MUIR gels and gave me one to try and I enjoyed it. The gel was tasty, had great texture, and I truly liked that fact that it was more natural than the other gels that I was eating. I bought some and shared with Liz and we both enjoyed them.

Before MUIR gels, Elizabeth and I were using mostly GU & Stinger gels during long training runs & ultra-marathons. After consuming several gels both of our stomachs would have different affects, she would frequently need bathroom stops and I was not able to go; unfortunately, her digestive affects were worse.

Thanks to MUIR I can use several gels during the long days on the trail and no longer deal with constipation. Elizabeth has had the best experience because her digestion is regular and the gels have truly helped her during her 100-mile races. This year the MUIR gels were one of here go to snacks when she ran the tough Kodiak 100 and she placed 3rd (woman category), less stops to the bathroom equaled a happier runner. We are both believers of your product.

Thanks for helping our stomachs/bodies feel better.


Have only been able to use it a couple times so far, have a 50-mile bike ride tomorrow that I plan on using Muir for my fueling. So far love the taste, consistency how my body has reacted to the products.


I’ve been obsessed with your product - I have been looking for an all-natural gel that fits in with my day to day diet forever!

I mostly use it for training. Cycling and running nutrition just straight from packet. Sometimes as an emergency snack haha. Also for super long hikes and camping/backpacking! I like to put it in oatmeal when I’m backpacking.

Thanks for making an amazing product ☺ love all the flavors!


A fellow ultra-runner gave me a Muir gel to try and I really like it. I use the gels on my long training runs & races. I love the limited ingredients & use of nut butters and molasses. The gels sit well on my stomach, something that I’ve struggled with other products.


I use Muir Energy during the midpoint of my group road cycling rides. I eat it straight from the pouch. I like most of the flavors. Would encourage adding more flavor choices before I get burned out. If that happens, someone like me moves on to another brand. It was recommended to me by my health coach.


I'm not a trail runner, just road running for this girl. My favorite gel is the Cashew Vanilla and I use this on all of my weekend long runs, anything shorter than 10 miles I like to use the Red Raspberry and Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana. I’ve been using your product since June when I started training for my second marathon coming up this Sunday and I haven't used anything else since!!!! I'm a HUGE FAN! Thanks for making such an amazing product!


I first heard about Muir Energy from a fellow runner. I'm an avid trail runner and constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of my run, the way I feel (both on long runs - 20 to 50 miles and short training runs - 5 to 15 miles), and my overall performance during races. This last year I switch from eating anything and everything I could find (but still organic) to a predominately plant based diet and watching the amount of processed sugar. What I found in doing so is that the gels/nutrition I had been using started to really spike my sugars, make my stomach hurt, and drop me on my face after. In August of this last year, I ran a 50 miler and spent 30+ miles dealing with a stomach that was upside down. Needless to say, I needed to find an answer, so, I started testing all kinds of nutrition. What seemed to help was limiting the amount of processed sugar again. A fellow runner told me about Muir and its limited ingredients so I figured it sounded like a good idea. Picked some up at REI and tried the first one before a short training run (fast burn)...Run one great. Stomach great. Speed great! Next run was a 16 mile with my local run group and it was at race pace! BINGO, a new PR! It's not that I got crazy power from Muir but I didn't have to think about my stomach at all!! I have now tried every flavor (slow and fast burn) and like them all. Except... the Cacao Almond Peppermint, but that is because I've eaten WAY too may thin mint girl scout cookies in my life and I had flashback with the taste.

So far only eaten them straight before or during runs, but toast does sound pretty good. Sharing the Muir Energy love with others!!! Keep up the good stuff!

Katie Beth

My nutritionist recommended Muir to me for my long run fuel. I’m training for my first marathon and wanted an easy real food solution that I didn’t have to make myself. I love them so much that I have to tell myself I’m ONLY allowed to eat them on long runs. It makes me excited to get up and go for all of those hours. I’m a big fan!


I liked all the flavors I had so far. I have a few more to try with my first large order I received recently. I tried many gels (Gu, Hammer, Honey Stinger, Accel, Clif block), and the Muir Energy are my favorite ones so far, they are pretty unique. I like that the gel is thicker and has some texture, in addition to a more complex taste than all the other ones I had so far.


I love the Muir gels. I’m a cyclist and use them before and during training and racing. I did the Leadville 100 mtb race in August with Muir as my primary nutrition for the 9-hour race at altitude. I ate 9 Muir gels and never had any GI issues. I supplemented with Skratch hydration and some Fig Newtons at the food stops. My current favorite is the Red Raspberry Mate ☺


I love it because it's all natural and it's been digesting well for me whereas all of the other gels I've tried in the past have caused me GI issues (no matter how natural they are). I think some of the higher fat formulas have been part of the reason for that. I really like the gels a lot on runs -- the Cashew Vanilla w/and w/out the Mate have been my favorite so far.


Well we tried Cacao Almond tonight. My daughter flipped out on the taste and you sent me two of those so she made me give her the other one. My wife liked that it's thicker than a typical gel and she feels like it won't make a mess like a normal gel sometimes can. I was amazed just looking at the ingredients again and wow that's a lot of calories and carbs packed into a tiny pouch. I grabbed one of my Gu gels and read the ingredients...what a difference between the natural vs the synthetics. We’ll try the others tomorrow. So far really impressed!


I love it! It's perfect for when I teach my hot yoga classes at 6am!


I have been really enjoying the Muir Energy products! I used the gels plain while (for now) doing training runs on trails in northern California. I really enjoy the flavor combinations, and the texture has been totally appetizing when I'm on my long runs. I'm training with a group up here in Santa Rosa, CA for the rodeo beach 20k in Marin.


I loved it! It tastes great, doesn't dry out my mouth, and isn't full of weird preservatives like other gels I have tried. I have a pretty weak stomach when it comes to fueling during runs but I had no problems with Muir.
I'm currently training for my first full marathon in January (ahhhhhhhh!) and have been searching for a real-foods energy gel to use on training runs and for the big day! I'm so happy to say that Muir is definitely going to be my best friend to get me through those 26.2 come January.
So far, I use one gel by itself about halfway through my long runs and it has worked great to keep me going. As my runs are getting longer, I plan to use one before the run, and maybe two during. Also, in my last order, I picked out a few for my boyfriend to try because he is a volleyball player and was looking for something to use in between games. He tried it out this past weekend and said it worked great!


Good morning!
I recently ordered a box of assorted gels from your company. I have only used them so far on two rides.
As a 64-year-old athlete cyclist I am engaged in my health and well-being. I am aware and conscious what I eat and use as supplements. I have recently selected Muir as my new energy gel.
My goal when searching for a replacement product was to find a product that energized me on my long rides and was healthy to invest. However, it had to be a healthy product with zero garbage and gluten free for my wife to use also.
After a long search and lengthy reading, I decided to give the Muir Gels a test by ordering a small assortment of flavours to try. The box arrived with a very nice hand-written note in the box. So far, a very nice touch. Then I went riding. After two rides and 5 Gels over those two rides and my guest using two more Gels the verdict is in. We both really liked them. I think for me the texture and thickness was quite a surprise. A good surprise however. The raspberry at first was very sweet but no too sweet for me, maybe a tad sweet for my wife. We are not sure of many of the others yet with regard to sweetness as my only other flavour was the Cacao.
Thanks for a wonderful new product in my pantry!


We were very happy with our first order of Muir Energy.
The taste was much better than other organic, vegan, running food/pouches we've tried. Great selection and great quality.


I am a long-distance runner. I have since been back to Foot Zone to purchase more and shared with several others locally that have enjoyed the packet food energy as much as I do. I am so sensitive to what I consume when running long distance. I end up cramping. This is a great product and I can 100% tell the difference in how clean this product is. I digest it easier and it provides great sustained energy.

I just wanted to share - you are doing it right! ....and Thank you so much. I will be using Muir for my upcoming marathon in Boise ID, along with my brother. I just purchased a 12 pack.


One thing I noticed was that the gels are thick, more like hard paste rather than soft gel. I think there might be a problem for me ingesting them at the later stages of a long race, when I get more dehydrated and my mouth is dry, however I haven't tried them on a real run yet.

On the other hand, the taste is great (Cashew Vanilla), hard to hold myself back and not eat the whole gel immediately, just for fun ☺ I visited your site and was intrigued by the idea behind your product. I am a recreational runner, I enjoy running for the health benefits of it, rather than chasing results. I'm searching for the healthiest way to fuel through long runs.

Looking forward to try the gels on a real run.


I’m a trail runner/hiker. During my years of trying to find a fuel that works for me, I discovered Muir Energy. I like to try everything, especially if it’s something that another friend or athlete uses. But to be honest, I don’t like goo type fuels... but my son loves it!!! He has tried a few flavors but will only eat the Red Raspberry. I just can’t swallow it, the texture really bothers me, I always seem to gag. However, I do keep one in my pack as a back up food in case I need it or for a stranger or friend in need.

I started buying Muir Energy, in 2017, for my 13 yo son. He plays Ice Hockey. He practices 2 hours at a time with a 15 minute break in-between practices. We have found 15 mins is not enough time to eat and digest a traditional snack. A fast burning fuel like Muir works best. He loves the taste, he can feel the instant recharge of fuel with in minutes. He is ready to go for another hour on one Red Raspberry Muir. He also has to have his Muir before every hockey game. He is a true fan of your product. I have to make sure I carry at least 2 in my purse at all times. We have not tried it on food, he may like it spread on toast...I will try that. That could be a nice carby snack.