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Short Films Sure To Keep You Inspired

Short Films Sure To Keep You Inspired

Times are tough and the world is certainly operating in unfamiliar territory. And while every day is a new day and information is being updated by the minute, there are some things to help pass the time while waiting for the news ticker to change. We are being instructed to stay home as much as possible and to avoid large gatherings, which seems simple enough. But while we all wait for the next move and are somewhat restricted to the confines of our homes, we found a few short films to help you get through the day and keep the stoke level high. So when you’re not out on a solo run, hike, or finding other means of exercise, give one of these brilliant (and free!) a watch:


THABANG (2019, South Africa, 13 minutes)

Thabang Madiba somehow found his way into the world of trail running and in the last few years has become everyone’s favourite in the South African trail scene.


A NORDIC SKATER (2018, Lithuania, 5 minutes)

The story of a man who uses every sense he has to travel on thin ice while Nordic skating in the Oslo region of Norway. He tells the story of how the little known sport of Nordic skating came to play a big part in his life.


LHOTSE (2019, USA, 23 minutes)

It’s not always what we achieve that defines us, rather it is why we achieve such things that creates clarity in our existence. In 2018, Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison completed the first ski descent of the 27,940-foot Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world. This is their story.


CAMEL FINDS WATER (2019, US, 9 minutes)

Trevor found the hull of an abandoned fishing boat in a field. He brought it home and built it back to a sea-worthy state over the course of a summer. Then, he took it on its maiden voyage to British Columbia in search of waves.


THE MOTIVATOR (2019, US, 5 minutes)

Filmmaker Aaron Hitchins turns his camera on the person who has motivated him to lead a life connected to the outdoors: his mother, Maureen. He wishes he were half as active as she is, and her commitment to rediscovering herself is inspirational.


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