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Weekly Training Plan: Avery Collins

Weekly Training Plan: Avery Collins


Lives City/State: Silverton, CO
Go to MUIR flavor: Cashew Lemon
Primary Sport(s): Ultra Running and Backcountry Snowboarding
Spirit Animal: Buffalo

A passion for life without compromise is the way Avery Collins embarks on every day’s adventures. Living at high altitude in the San Juan Mountains, he has come to call Silverton, Colorado home and a true training ground. His passion and outright dominance in the Ultra Running community was something that fell in his lap as he found trails and suffering from longer distances to be all too enticing.

And now with years of Ultra Running under his belt, Avery still looks to the philosophy of, “there is always someone working harder than you” to push him further and farther than any day prior. He is a multisport athlete and loves mountain adventure, especially long-distance running for 24 hours or hundreds of miles at a time or shredding pow in the winter months.

Look for Avery attempting an FKT on the infamous Nolan’s 14 Route in Colorado or leading the pack in any of the Ultra races around the world… and always with a big smile. 


Going into each week I like to assess where my body is at and what will be manageable and a good goal for the week. This summer I have found myself using the MUIR hydration alongside MUIR Energy gels. The hydration doesn't give me a sore throat after 6+ hours of running like the standard hydration mix does. Personally, I like the strong lime taste in the Mango Lime hydration mix. I think it goes best with the Cashew Lemon gel. For those that like a more savory flavor with a hint of sweet I would highly suggest the Cashew Lemon gel. During any type of speed work (I typically will only do once, MAYBE twice a week) I find it to be helpful to bring a MUIR mate energy gel as a mid run hit of 90mg of caffeine can be a massive energy boost!


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