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Slow Burning

Sunflower Energy Gel (8oz Jar)


Re-usable MUIR jars are here! If you’re looking for a convenient bulk option, our 8 oz. jars contain the same product as our pouches.

Our first ever seed butter based energy gel flavor! Sunflower is our solution to troublesome nut allergies. Containing only 4 ingredients, Sunflower is a straightforward flavor profile that acts as a great low sugar, nut butter alternative.

Sunflower seeds contain various nutrients and plant compounds that may help fight inflammation, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Enjoy our tasty toasted Sunflower energy gel for a calorie dense addition to your workout!

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Sunflower Energy Gel (8oz Jar)

  • What is the difference between slow burning and fast burning energy?

    Our Slow Burning products are made with raw seed and nut butters. The healthy fats and protein in these nut butters metabolize slowly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, sustained fuel source for your longer adventures.

    Our Fast Burning products are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables (we’ve removed the water to maximize flavor and nutrition density). These simple sugar sources metabolize quickly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, fast fuel source for your shorter adventures.

  • Muir Energy is thicker than other gels. Why is that?

    Bacteria and pathogens proliferate in an aqueous environment. To keep their products food safe, thinner or watery gels must use synthetic preservatives. We use exclusively real food ingredients with no synthetic preservatives. We have accomplished this by reducing the water activity in our products. This results in a thicker, more viscous - as well as more flavorful, nutritionally and calorically dense - product.