Pumpkin Chai Energy Gel

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This fall, we decided to take pumpkin spice to the next level – MUIR style. Instead of the standard pumpkin spice, indulge in a fragrant, warming blend of cinnamon and cardamom. It’s perfect for early morning runs through maple trees, or an off-season strength session while you dream of cooler temps and cozy blankets.

Pumpkin is loaded with health benefits:

  • It’s high in easy-to-digest carbs, making it easy to eat both before and during training (just like all MUIR gels you know and love).
  • Pumpkin is high in carotenoids, which are powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation and aid in recovery. Your body can convert carotenoids into vitamin A, a key player in eye health.

    What’s inside pumpkin chai?

    • Electrolytes: 100 milligrams of sodium and 490 milligrams of potassium – because you’re sweating even on chilly days

    • Carbs: 21 grams of easily-digestible starchy carbohydrates

    • Vitamins and minerals: Iron maintains production of healthy blood cells, vitamin A supports eye health and manages inflammation, and magnesium helps keep your muscles chilled out.

    • Chai spice blend: Our chai spice blend includes cinnamon to satisfy your pumpkin spice needs, plus cardamom for the classic chai fire. 

    109 Calories | 6 Ingredients:

    • Pumpkin
    • Coconut Palm Nectar
    • Blackstrap Molasses
    • Cardamom Essential Oil
    • Cinnamon Essential Oil
    • Pink Himalayan Salt

      Why we love Slow Burning Energy Gel:

      • Naturally packed with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
      • Higher energy density is ideal for multi-hour adventures and races
      • Doubles as a dose of quality post-workout protein and carbs to boost recovery
      • Real food of the highest quality supports both performance and whole health
      Learn more about The Real Food Difference and the health benefits of Our Ingredients.

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