Mate Caffeinated Pack

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Size: 24 Pack

Digestable. Easy on the stomach, no GI issues
Healthy. Calorically & nutritionally dense
Simple. 4-6 real food ingredients in each flavor
Flavorful. Some tart, some sweet, some savory
Versatile. Eat it straight, spread it on a bagel, add to oatmeal or coffee
Handmade. Born in the High Sierra, handmade in San Diego, CA

What's included in the Mate Caffeinated 24 Pack?
- 12 Cashew Vanilla Mate (90mg caffeine)
- 12 Red Raspberry Mate (90mg caffeine)

This variety pack is the perfect way to enjoy our mate caffeinated flavors. We add 90mg – about a cup of coffee’s worth – of all-natural, flavorless Yerba Mate caffeine. Why Yerba Mate? Because it releases slower into your bloodstream and won’t cause the crash like coffee or pure caffeine, so you get the energy boost and just keep sailing. Want to choose your exact flavors? Try our Custom Pack

What is MUIR Energy?
The cleanest, packable and portable nutrition out there. As clean-eating outdoor adventurers, we got fed up with the artificial bars, gels, and chews that always left us feeling more sluggish and guilty than truly energized. So we decided to create something better. The result was a simple, delicious and clean energy food that delight athletes and foodies alike.

How is MUIR made?
We started with nutritionally-dense, real foods (ONLY real foods) and simple ingredients. Next, we applied handmade magic to create a fulfilling and palatable gel (we hate that word - it's way better than gel to be honest). Finally, we packed it into potent, portable and yes, purple pouches. The only question now is... where we headed?

Unmatched Versatility
We’re an energy gel for food lovers. On rest days, MUIR makes the perfect addition to toast, oatmeal, smoothies or straight from the pouch as an afternoon snack. Our product offers versatility unlike any other product in the sports nutrition space.

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