Eat It, Spread It (Free Shipping)


Eat It, Spread It (Free Shipping)

New to Muir Energy? Here's a low-cost way to taste our products and see if you like them. Each Eat It, Spread it pack contains two regular 30g gel pouches and one 8oz jar.

Excluded from discounts.

Choose any three of our flavors to make your own trail pack. If you leave this blank we will send you a random assortment.

Once you've added this product to the cart, select VIEW CART and copy and paste this list into notes section of checkout (total of 3), please specify jar or pouch:

Blackberry Thyme -
Cacao Almond -
Cashew Lemon -
Cashew Vanilla -
Hazelnut Banana -
Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana -
Cacao Almond Mate -
Cashew Lemon Mate -
Cashew Vanilla Mate -