Blueberry Bergamot Energy Gel
Blueberry Bergamot energy gel made with five all-natural real food ingredients.
Blueberry Bergamot Energy Gel
Blueberry Bergamot Energy Gel
Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition (quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals) than any other product in our space.

Blueberry Bergamot Energy Gel

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Highly nutritious, blueberries are among the world’s most powerful sources of antioxidants. Bergamot has been known to lower blood sugar levels and reduce fatty deposits in the liver. Bergamot essential oil, which we use, is rich in bergamot polyphenols. Bergamot is also used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety. These two unlikely characters will continue to dazzle your taste buds long after you eat it! 

5 Ingredients 💙 106 Calories
  • Will turn your mouth blue, smile often!
  • Not-too-sweet flavor profile 

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