An Undeniably Delicious,
Real Food Energy Gel

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A simple energy gel built to delight your taste buds, keep your stomach happy, and power you through your toughest trail adventures.

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A Fresh Perspective On Energy Gels

Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition - quality calories healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals - than any other product in our space.

Made with just
4-6 real food ingredients

No GI distress - fuel your runs while keeping your stomach happy hour after hour

Balanced fuel that sustains your energy and performance

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Best Nutrition

This is the best nutrition product I've found for ultrarunning. Real food, high calorie, high protein, no processed sugars. And caffeine!!! I train and race with it - variety of flavors and tons of energy in a small package.

- Conor M.

No Bad Flavors

I’ve been using Muir Energy to fuel my long runs. I can no longer tolerate the chemical taste of other energy gels and like to be able to fuel with fats and not be running 3+ hours on sugar. I’ve really liked all the flavors I’ve tried but especially like being able to choose exactly what goes into the combo packs.

- Shannon S.

Run Strong

I used Muir Energy during the Bighorn Trail Run 50 miler and it worked great! Been using it during my training runs leading up to the race too! Cashew Almond, Sunflower, and Cashew Lemon in early stages of race and Cacao Almond Caffeinated towards the end! Kept me running strong throughout the race!

- Eric S.

Crafted To Fuel Your Trail Adventures

Save 15% on your first order - use code  FBTRAIL15 

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