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Melissa S. 3/14/17

In 9 years of training and racing triathlons this is my favorite energy gel EVER! I love it! My friends joke and call it "Melissa"s rocket fuel" because they see me eat it and then about 10 minutes later I take off like a rocket!!! Seriously, I love it because of the clean and natural ingredients. It sits well. At Sunday's half marathon we had one packet on toast with sliced bananas for breakfast. I had two more packets during the race and with the water and electrolyte provided on course I had a wonderful race, no cramps or upset of any kind! Thank you!

I'm also recovering from breast cancer and I am very very choosy about what I put in my body! I love this product for its clean and healthy taste and feel! It is the ONLY energy gel I will eat!


Adam G. 3/6/17

I just got a chance to try out some of your energy gels during a track workout the other day and absolutely loved them… I wound up having more then one; the flavors were too enticing to not have multiple through the long track session.


Octavio A.  3/5/17

I have been trying the different flavors and they are excellent, so very different than other gels, I normally solely use Powerbar gels, and I have been trying MUIR for my long rides and long runs and works very well.


Melissa S. 3/1/17

I love the cashew vanilla, and lemon-We use the raspberry on toast-Love the energy I feel when I take a gel pre workout. and so clean to my system.LOVE!


Iris G. 2/23/17

I will definitely be reordering! i love your products! i was so happy to find a natural vegan “gel” for long distance running. i don’t eat candy in my everyday life and found the idea of eating gummies or gels during a run repulsive. i use the muir plain, on the run, and love all of the flavors, especially the chocolate and cashew flavors.


Andrew M. 2/13/17

I enjoyed each of the flavors. I live in Carpinteria and originally purchased a few single gels from Santa Barbara Running Co. I used them on a training run and enjoyed the contrast in the consistency to my standard V-Fuel gels. V-Fuels are really "light," and easy to get down, so having a little of both options is nice.

I ran the Sean O'Brien 50 on 2/4 and used both brands of gels. Honestly, later in the race I craved the Muir gels. I assume the higher calorie intake was what I needed. They just feel like more fuel packed into a packet than one of the other gels on the market.

I have also found myself using them in the morning before long runs...for similar reasons to above.

In short, your gels just feel more substantial. I am a middle to back of pack ultra runner, so I need real fuel later in the race when I have been out there for hours and hours.

I plan to purchase some more!


Imelda E. 2/12/17

I [...] tried the gels and let me just say they taste soooo good. I'm so relieved I don't have to choke them down and can enjoy the taste for once. I will tell my work friends about your product and give them samples. So glad I found you guys. It's the best tasting energy anything ever.


Brian S. 2/9/17

Just wanted to thank you guys again! I had incredible success with Muir Energy last Saturday at my race and really look forward to seeing how everything goes with my wife Meghan next weekend at hers. I took some in early on in the race and it worked perfectly. Felt great all day. Things got warm and I was dealing with a little dehydration so my stomach was a little off going into the last 8 miles or so. I wasn’t planning on taking another ME but the only thing that sounded and tasted good at the time was the Cashew Vanilla gel and it really helped me through that stretch. Anything else at that time and I may have been taking some breaks on the side of the trail, haha! I need to keep working on my intake schedule but so far everything is really working well!


Amanda 1/31/17

Cashew Lemon - YUMMY! good texture, flavor was not over powering, easy to put down while on the run. I liked the lemon tangy. It was a nice treat, and refreshing - Would order again

Cacao Almond  - By far my favorite! Again, I like the texture and how it sort of melts in your mouth, mild in taste, but I enjoyed that. Solid combo, would order again.


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