Our Story

This was my rhythm, for 10 days, while hiking from Yosemite to Mount Whitney. The John Muir Trail.

I reflected deeply on these primal elements. As my namesake, John Muir, must have done.

How to do them better, more efficiently and more effectively, so that I could maximize my enjoyment of the majestic High Sierra landscapes.

The longer I hiked, the more I appreciated the interdependence of these elements. But I also noticed that what I ate had a significant impact on how I slept and how I moved.

Like many endurance athletes, I struggled to find the right nutrition to keep me going while pushing my body to its limits. Most food bars are dry, heavy and not very healthy. Most energy gels are sweet and synthetic tasting, and contain ominous sounding ingredients.
I wanted something simple. And quick. Something that tasted really good and was made with real organic ingredients - derived from nature, not in a lab. Something clean, reliable and good. Clean Nutrition. Pure Energy.

This is why I developed Muir Energy.

How did I do it?

I asked myself three questions:

  • What are the fewesthighest qualityingredients required to provide good energy for short intense workouts? for long endurance workouts?
  • How can I optimize ingredient concentrations to maximize nutrition and taste?
  • How can I optimize caloric density (calories/gram; elite and endurance athletes want this as high as possible), and yet still be in the serving size range of competitors?

The result:

Muir Energy uses only 4-6 ingredients for all of its products. That's it!

Muir Energy is 100% Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free and non-GMO.

Muir Energy is loaded with nutrition. For example, each serving contains 290-350mg of Potassium. Comparable to eating a small banana!

Muir Energy's taste. You will have to decide for yourself, but everybody who's tried it says it is unbelievably good, unlike any other gel you have tasted. 

Muir Energy contains 115-150 calories per 30g serving - 15%-50% more than other energy gels.

Actually, Muir Energy is not just a gel: it is Spreadable Energy. You can consume it like a gel, but you can also spread it on toast, a gluten free waffle, a banana; or you can add a smidge to hot water or an espresso. The possibilities are endless!!

And because Muir Energy is spreadable, it is more versatile. It can be used by the entire family, before or after working out, work or school.

Let Muir Energy spread good energy into your life!

Ian Muir McNally
Founder and CEO