What We're About

4-6 Ingredients
Audacious Flavors
Organic | Vegan | Paleo Gluten-free | non-GMO
Rich in minerals
Low glycemic
Easy on the stomach

How to use Muir Energy

Fueling with MUIR is very different from fueling with other energy gels:

Because it’s thicker, you EAT MUIR, one squeeze at a time, as opposed to gulp it.
Because it’s food, MUIR is satiating - you’ll need less, but go further.

Visit our FAQs to learn more about viscosity and how frequently you should use MUIR.

Fast vs Slow Burning

All training/workouts aren’t created equal. Some are short and intense, others are long and slow. Or, if you’re not exercising, sometimes you need a little something to tie you over for an hour before lunch; other times, you need a snack to carry you for several hours before dinner. We get it. That’s why we’ve developed fast and slow burning products. Learn more about those here.

Caffeinated Mate Options

Some of our energy is caffeinated using Yerba mate extract as the caffeine source. You'll be able to tell which of our products are caffeinated by looking for MATE. 90mg per serving (1 serving = 1 packet) - caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee.

 Try Muir Energy out for yourself!