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 Our Team 

Ian Muir McNally


Ian is responsible for strategically directing Muir Energy’s growth. He applies simplicity, focus and unusual thinking to each key decision he makes. When not working, Ian reads, runs, swims, plays the piano, cooks with his wife and walks his dog, Gilbert.

Francesca McNally


Francesca is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Muir Energy. An organizational wizard with an unwavering eye for perfection and a heart of gold, every single pouch and jar that we produce - and you have purchased - has passed through her loving hands. Francesca works tirelessly to streamline how we do things at Muir Energy, for our benefit but especially for yours!

John O'Nelio


John is responsible for the creative and overall branding of Muir Energy. He has a background in Visual Communication and never leaves home without his camera. Traveling and adventure are what fuel him, and loves getting the chance to connect others with Muir Energy out in the wild. 

Katey Ford


Katey manages the daily production of Muir Energy, as well as our Social Media channels. If she isn't at a local Muir Energy event, she can be found in the ocean, rock climbing, or doing yoga. Muir Energy complements her on-the-go, plant-based lifestyle. Her favorite flavors are Passionfruit Pineapple Banana and Cacao Almond!

Handmade in San Diego, California