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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Nutrition and Ingredients

What is the shelf life of Muir Energy?

Nine (9) months from the manufacturing date.

Once opened, do Muir Energy jams and spreads need to be refrigerated?

No. Our products have a very low water content, which allows them to remain shelf stable for at least 6 months from the manufacturing date. This means you can store your Muir jams and spreads in your pantry, desk drawer at work, or your gym bag; or take them with you on a camping or road trip. You can refrigerate our products, but they will get thicker and be harder to spread.

When should I use Muir Energy before or during a workout?

Burn RateBefore ActivityDuring Activity
Fast Burning5 minutes*45 - 60 minutes
Slow Burning5 minutes*60 - 75 minutes

*Muir Energy metabolizes very efficiently, and is easy on the stomach - the energy it provides is smooth and steady, and subtle - you feel like you can just keep going without a significant spike up or down in perceived energy level.

Most runners start a race with slow burning, with or without mate, then finish the race with fast burning/savory flavors with or without mate. For example, for a half marathon start with Cacao Almond or Cashew Vanilla Mate, by mile 10 eat a Blackberry Thyme, Red Raspberry Mate, or Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana.

What is the difference between slow burning and fast burning energy?

Our Slow Burning products are made with raw nut and seed butters. The healthy fats and protein in these nut butters metabolize slowly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, sustained fuel source for your longer adventures.

Our Fast Burning products are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables (we’ve removed the water to maximize flavor and nutrition density). These simple sugar sources metabolize quickly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, fast fuel source for your shorter adventures.

Are Muir Energy products easy on the stomach? 


Why do you use essential oils?

To maintain the minimalist approach to our formulations. The essential oils we use are carefully chosen for their flavor, homeopathic magic and powerful preservative properties. All in one drop!

I’ve been using MUIR in extremely cold temperatures and it seems to be freezing on me. What can I do about this?

MUIR is made with real food ingredients and real food freezes or thickens considerably at low temperatures. However, we have found that body heat is an effective antidote to combat these thermal effects. Put your MUIR pouch in your hand a few minutes before use, or keep it in a pocket close to your body, and let heat transfer do the rest.

Muir Energy is thicker than other gels. Why is that?

Bacteria and pathogens proliferate in an aqueous environment. To keep their products food safe, thinner or watery gels must use synthetic preservatives. We use exclusively real food ingredients with no synthetic preservatives. We have accomplished this by reducing the water activity in our products. This results in a thicker, more viscous - as well as more flavorful, nutritionally and calorically dense - product.

Ordering and Shipping

Where can I find MUIR ENERGY besides the website?

See our retailer locations here: Where to Buy. If you’d like to see MUIR sold at a store local to you, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Discount codes

From time to time we offer sales and discount codes on select products. If you're trying to use a code and it doesn't work:

1. It is no longer valid. This is the most likely reason. If you have a code that is no longer valid, contact the person who gave you the code and let them know.

2. Your order does not qualify for a discount. Sometimes coupon codes only apply to certain types of orders. Often, orders must be $10 or greater for a code to work. Other times only certain products or categories will be discounted. For example, coupons typically don't apply to jars.

3. You have already used this coupon. Most of our coupons are single use, so if you have used this coupon code in the past, there is a good chance it will not be valid for a second purchase.

4. We're having a site-wide sale. Sometimes we have site-wide sales. You'll know because prices of certain products will be slashed and lower prices will show up next to them. This is rare, but in these instances most coupon codes will not work.


All sales are final.

Are you a business wanting to sell MUIR internationally?

We are still a small company and have been focussed on growing our business in the US. However, there is increasing interest in MUIR internationally, so we are planning to expand into the global market soon.

If you are interested in retailing or distributing MUIR internationally, we suggest you first start by purchasing some Muir from us directly, to make sure it aligns with your expectations and customer base. To do this, please visit our website to select the products and flavors you’d like to purchase. Email your order, along with your shipping address, to, and we’ll provide you a quote for the total cost (MUIR product + shipping).

Are you a customer based outside the US, wanting to buy MUIR?

Currently, our only international distributor is Spry Active, in Canada.

If you would like to purchase MUIR directly from us, please visit our website to select the products and flavors you’d like to purchase. Email your order, along with your shipping address, to, and we’ll provide you a quote for the total cost (MUIR product + shipping).

Otherwise, check in with us in early 2019, and we’ll update you on our progress with international distribution.


Do you offer collaboration opportunities?

We currently do not offer MUIR Ambassadorships. However, we do engage with impressive individuals for short term projects, to help expand the MUIR community. If you want to be considered for such a project, contact social@muirenergy,com, and let us how you think you can help, and we'll get back with you!