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MUIR pulls energy from real food ingredients and gives your body the best of nature’s offering. Knowing the terrain and distance ahead allows you to piece together the perfect combination of Fast and Slow Burning gels to push through a quick climb and sustain energy for hours on end with no stomach problems.

MUIR Energy metabolizes very efficiently, and is easy on the stomach - the energy it provides is smooth and steady, and subtle - you feel like you can just keep going without a significant spike up or down in perceived energy level.

Why Ride with MUIR?

Real Food

Handmade without synthetic additives or preservatives, packed with audaciously delicious flavor.

Clean Ingredients

Superior nutrition means you’ll need less, but go further & feel better. Easy on the stomach to avoid gut issues common with other gels.

Custom Fuel

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What is Fast & Slow Burning Energy?

Fast Burning

Our Fast Burning products are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables (we’ve removed the water to maximize flavor and nutrition density). These simple sugar sources metabolize quickly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, fast fuel source for your shorter adventures.

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Slow Burning

Our Slow Burning products are made with raw nut and seed butters. The healthy fats and protein in these nut and seed butters metabolize slowly. When combined with our mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, sustained fuel source for your longer adventures.

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The MUIR Mission

To make the cleanest portable food products with the smallest impact, bring good energy to all people, and use business to serve Planet Earth.

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