Charlotte Austin

Charlotte Austin

Adventure Writer, Mountain Guide

Charlotte is a writer, editor, and mountain guide living in Seattle, Washington. When she's not writing, she works for International Mountain Guides, where she leads climbing, mountaineering, and hiking expeditions around the world. She's guided in North and South America, Europe, Alaska, Patagonia, and Nepal. She's a Wilderness EMT, a Leave No Trace (LNT) Trainer, and hold Level 2 certification with the American Institute for Avalanche Education and Training (AIARE). She recently became an extra class ham radio operator. On her bucket list: A global circumnavigation on a sailboat with Huckleberry, her dog. The ability to bake the perfect popover. A winter in Bali. The perfect sports bra. An up-close underwater encounter with a manatee. The skills, time, and materials to build herself a cabin. A hug from the Dalai Llama.


Catra Corbett

Raw Vegan UltraRunner, SD100 Record Holder, Dirt Diva

Catra is one of 5 runners in the world who has run 100 miles or more over 100 times. In the ultrarunning world, she’s a legend, and she’s not nearly finished yet. 23 years sober and living a mostly raw vegan lifestyle, she fuels her runs with Muir Energy and gives badass a whole new meaning. She is often accompanied on her training runs by her 9-pound mini dachshund TruMan (pictured here) who has run 4 X 50k and many other trail races of shorter distances. Known as #coachtruman and keeps Catra focused and razor sharp. Follow this dynamic pair on social media for some inspiration, daily!

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Chris Castleman

Wild Wild West 50M Champion 2017, UltraRunner, Trail Runner, Coach, Writer

Chris has a deep passion for exploring the outdoors, pushing personal boundaries, and getting lost in nature. He’s often found trekking around the lush hills north of San Francisco, armed with a camera, fruit gels, and couple of cookies. Chris first ran competitively in the 3rd grade and continued on through to college cross country, but it wasn’t until moving to the West Coast in 2014 that he found his true calling: trail ultra running. Now with a few years of racing under his belt, he’s ready to share that experience and support others in their journey to run longer and stronger through coaching and race directing. Chris approaches the sport with a focus on running as a lifestyle rather than simply a competition, encouraging athletes to challenge themselves while maintaining a healthy balance of fitness and fun. Of Muir Energy, he says: "Training and racing with real food is not only tasty, but it is a no-brainer for athletes striving to treat their body with respect."

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Boom Running

boom RUNNING was born of the belief that running is a sport that can change lives. What started out as an exchange of ideas while running along San Diego’s iconic waterfront has evolved into a credo, a lifestyle, and a brand of apparel designed exclusively for runners. All runners. Steve Johnson and Mike Daly, founders of boom RUNNING, are living, running proof of how running can change and improve lives. Fundamentally transformed by the sport of running, these two competitive, running enthusiasts have taken their passion for the sport and set out on a mission to positively impact the lives of others. It’s their belief that running was at its purest during the original running boom of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Ignited by the U.S. capturing gold in the 1972 Olympic Marathon, the popularity of the sport soared as Americans everywhere began hitting the roads. Today, a second, unprecedented running boom is underway, one that's changed the lives of its founders and ignited their collective passion to promote the original movement through the launch of boom RUNNING.


Jesse Haynes

50K Champion UltraRunner, Blogger, Photographer

Jesse is one of the top ultrarunners in the country, consistently placing in the top 10 of most races entered. In fact, 2017 brought him a top spot in the Griffith Park Trail 50K and the Whoos in El Moro 50K, with an impressive 2nd place finish at the Sean O’Brien 100K. Jesse also recently placed 8th overall in the Western States 100 Miler using Muir Energy as his main source of fuel. About Muir, Jesse says it’s both tasty and effective. The flavors leave him “wanting another instead of dreading the next one, like normal gels.” His wife Keira, also an accomplished ultrarunner, enjoys the energy kick she gets from Muir as well. A Race Director, Team Patagonia ultrarunner, coach and nutritionist, Keira is quite the rockstar alongside Jesse. The two are full of passion and inspire the masses.

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Kyra Oliver

Triathlete, Marathoner, UltraRunner, Wellness Writer, Founder of Your Own Utopia

As a fitness and wellness educator and influencer, Kyra knows more than a thing or two about the value of eating clean, chemical-free food to create a lasting life of good health. She loves endurance sports, having raced dozens of events from half marathon to marathon (coming in 2nd AG in the most recent San Francisco Marathon), as well as Ironman distance triathlons and ultrarunning events. Kyra recently discovered her love for the trails and this year finished her first 50 miler. She then ran 52+ miles of the Zion traverse, ran Rim to Rim Grand Canyon, and has plans to head back to road racing for her third Boston Marathon next year. When she’s not out training and racing, she is a true foodie at heart who can be found writing for Your Own Utopia (her company, focusing on a Lifestyle That Feels Good), for Dr. Josh Axe ( and also David “Avocado” Wolfe, two of the top Wellness Influencers in the country and beyond. Kyra loves helping others understand the value of good health, and works to inspire them to learn about wellness and fitness so that they may experience a happier, more naturally-filled lifestyle.

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Rob Newton

UltraRunner, Trail Runner, Animal Welfare Promoter, Owner of Diego Farms

Rob is an ultrarunner with a cause – he created a five year project, Pushing 4 Change, in 2015 to chronicle his journey from average guy to ultra-endurance athlete to promote animal welfare. He’s run 12 ultras, including two 100-mile finishes, while raising over $10,000 for rescues around the world. This idea was sparked by his spending 2014 (in its entirety) fasting from technology. He cancelled his cable, sold his TV, shut down social media and only used the internet to read the news once a day. He is inspired to make the world a better place, and as owner of Diego Farms, a farm animal sanctuary, he is certainly making his mark.

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Adam Goulet

Team USA Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlete, Duathlete, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Chiropractic Sports Physician

Dr. Adam graduated from Eastern Oregon University and the University of Western States with Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Human Biology prior to receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and Master’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Along the way he has been a collegiate All-American in Track and Field, and is currently competing in triathlons across the country. Using Muir to fuel his efforts, Adam has represented Team USA in Sprint distance triathlon, duathlon and standard distance duathlon. He has won Regional Championships in Olympic distance duathlon and triathlon, as well as a National Championship in Sprint distance duathlon. When not training or competing, Adam practices sports med at Evolution Healthcare and Fitness, a one-of-a-kind training facility and clinic in Portland, Oregon.

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Liz Sullivan

Triathlete, Competitive Swimmer, Nurse

Liz is a Boston area endurance athlete who looked for a way to stay fit after four years of competitive swimming at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her love for swimming and running has always been strong, so she took to triathlon and has grown to love cycling too! A nurse by day, Liz is continually inspired by the resilience and determination of her patients to recover, as well as the family members who stay by their side as they recover throughout their hospital stay. She is PCCN certified and works on a Step Down Unit (Critical Care). She regards it as a perfect fit, since it’s always busy and there’s always something new and different to learn – just like in racing triathlon. As an athlete, she is inspired by her family, coaches and fellow Zoom Multisport teammates. This season she looks forward to making the leap from top age grouper to elite level triathlete!


Katey Ford

Rock Climber, Backpacker / Hiker, Surfer, Skier, Yoga Instructor

Katey's call to the wild started at a young age, but after moving from San Diego to Oregon, her love of outdoor exploration grew immensely! While in Oregon, Katey majored in Environmental Science and learned what it meant to be a true steward of the land. She believes that when you begin to respect our planet, your habits and outlook on other aspects of your life start to shift as well. Katey has recently shifted to an all-natural, completely plant based diet so finding Muir Energy was a dream come true! She utilizes Muir while hiking, but has found the best use while rock climbing. Katey's passion for rock climbing coincides with her love of yoga and surfing- activities that put her in the present moment, so to have a convenient, clean source of energy allows her to put all of her focus on her climbs!


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