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Welcome! We're so excited to have you as a part of the Muir family. We pride ourselves in being connected to our community of athletes, runners, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. These resources and information will help you in our partnership.


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Our style

Muir Energy was born on the trail. Our founder Ian Muir McNally initially came up with the idea to fill a need while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. You can read more about that story here

We've stripped away all the unnecessary junk in order to provide the highest quality product to help you perform. Our main focus is our community, and we thrive on good relationships with positive people and shops.

Check out our Instagram to get an idea of our style.


What should I post?

We encourage you to be creative, stay true to your own style and most of all be authentic. Our hope is that Muir Energy will enhance your current training and lifestyle, and you'll be able to capture this along the way. If you'd like a little inspiration, here are some ideas of what some ambassadors have done in the past:

  • Unboxing: When you get your next shipment of Muir in the mail, posting a photo showing the product.
  • Training: Pretty straight-forward, capturing you eating, carrying or featuring Muir wherever you're getting in your workout.
  • Events: Have a race coming up? Tag us in your event photo or let everyone know how Muir helped you get to the finish.
  • Kitchen: Have you tried cooking with Muir? Some of our customers use it in the kitchen or while camping.
  • Blog posts: Our blog on serves as a place for our team and ambassadors to provide stories about training, events, recipe ideas, etc.
  • Discount code: If you received a referral discount code, share the love and let your followers get their own deal on Muir.
  • Your own thing: If you have any ideas and need our help, let us know! We're always available to collaborate and love getting our hands (and shoes) dirty. 

Hashtags: #MuirEnergy #FuelYourAdventure

Don't feel the need to feature the product prominently in every post, tag us in a beautiful landscape shot or one of your selfies, let's spread the good energy!


Examples from our community