Muir Energy gel flavor Sunflower at fair

Sunflower For Summer Vacation

It’s officially Summer Vacation and that means long beach days, trips to the fair, running around from activity to activity, and potential to fall off your clean eating regimen that you’ve held onto for the first half of the year.

A recent trip to the San Diego County Fair was full of temptation; smells of fried funnel cakes and sights of colorful concoctions that can test even the strongest willed ‘clean-eater’. Luckily, we always keep a few MUIR pouches on us for these exact times! Our latest flavor, Sunflower, is the perfect “alternative fair food”.

It is a slightly toasty, and subtly salty, creamy snack that can even be paired with an apple or banana. Those with tree nut allergies can also rest easy knowing that they have a safe to consume option!

Wherever your day takes you, take some MUIR pouches so you’re not left in a junk food nightmare. Our pouches are also waterproof, so they’re pool/beach ready!