Mind, Body & Soul Exercise

Mind, Body & Soul Exercise

Oh how the times are changing and every day is proving to be a new day while the world battles COVID-19. And whilst all our lives are being a little turned upside down, it does offer new opportunities for exercising the mind and body that may have been previously overlooked. Now you have to push yourself and can’t rely on the group run to get you from A to B. Your house always been your home and perhaps your sanctuary, but now it’s your office, gym, and favorite restaurant. The outdoors will (hopefully) always be open and as the ants fill your pants, here are a few suggestions to help stimulate the mind, body, and soul.

The Outdoors

Still open and accepting applications, the outdoors are so much more than a training field after being restricted to the confines of your home. Now is the time to get outside and breathe in that fresh air that proves to be amazing for the mind, body, and soul. Even if you’ve never been one to run around the block or drive a few more minutes in the car to get to that distant trail, this is the time to try something new and explore. Find ways to challenge your friends by means of a digital standoff, setting milestones for each other, and keeping each other honest about progress. Granted there are not a lot of answers out there right now, but perhaps you take this time to sign up for next year’s marathon, 50k or ultra. And maybe the best part of running out the door from the home office is when you get back, you have the luxury of showering at home or quickly throwing on the power suit for the 3 o’clock meeting.


Oh, the power of the world wide web to the rescue. No matter if you’re streaming with wifi through your tv, tablet, or phone, YouTube will prevail and provide ample entertainment and more importantly, hours upon hours of motivational workouts. As we’re all watching the death of the gym rat, home workout sessions have become a necessity as we’re all relatively “locked up” at the moment. YouTube has libraries of yoga sessions for you and your quarantine buddy, a family flow, and YouTube certainly checks the box for homeschool PE credits. Feel free to get creative and turn the heat up in your apartment for an hour of hot yoga. If you’re looking for something a little more intense, there are variations of TRX and other intensity workouts if you’re looking for a quick sweat between Zoom meetings.

Around the House

Finding you have a little more time on your hands and a little more time on your hands at home? It’s okay, we’re all there too. But this is your chance to finally crack open that cookbook that has been sitting in your cupboard, take up a new craft-oriented activity or pull that 1000 piece puzzle out from the closet. Or maybe you have been waiting for that perfect Sunday for the first deep clean in more time than you’d like to admit. There are books to be read, recipes to be cooked and ate, letters that can be written with ink and mailed with a stamp… can you imagine having the time to actually write a letter to an old friend?!?! Or as the days start to drag on, enroll in a magic class or learn to speak Italian because when this crisis is all said and done, the people are going to need to see what you’ve been up to.


Taking a moment to escape from the outside world is incredibly important. And where a run or hike is generally a great way cipher through all of life’s questions, sometimes dedicated moments of silence can prove to be vital. You don’t have to follow any guided breathing techniques, though they can be beneficial, simply taking 20 minutes or so for yourself will be monumental. Whether you sit in silence, play a thunderstorm through the speakers or find the fireplace channel on your streaming device for an extra crackle of escape, letting your mind rest and freeing your body from stress is the best for you and everyone else in your circle. If you need help getting started, JB Smoove is there for you.

Make the Effort

As we’re all being asked to stay at home right now aside for essential travel, to which the jury seems to be still out on exactly what essential is, social distancing is going to take you out of your normal gab circles. You can still see your friends, but maybe you all sit in the driveway or backyard with camp chairs at the recommended 6ft of distance. And because we all have wifi suited screens in proximity at all hours of the day, try a video call with an old friend to see how they’re doing for setup a virtual happy hour with your crew. Everyone is in the same boat, nobody is winning right now. It is more important now than ever that we all make the effort to communicate with our friends and family.