My Life is an Adventure

My Life is an Adventure

By Katie Fier

If you’ve ever met me or seen me before, I'm the one always smiling. I love life! How I came to this company is a pretty cool story. I was working at a high-end triathlon bike shop almost a year ago where I saw some pretty cool people walking in and out. Most were some of the most competitive triathletes in San Diego. At the time I was struggling to do anything athletic without running out of steam and eating away my muscles. Nutrition was the hardest sport since I hadn’t found anything that would keep me sustained besides stopping for a full-on meal.

One Sunday I had the day off, so I went to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market to see what I could find. I am adventurous enough to try most things at the market but sadly I am sensitive to a lot of them. Toward the end of the market I ran into a man with gel looking things. As a cyclist I recognized the packaging… but what made me stop and pay attention was that they were VEGAN, NON-GMO, and GLUTEN-FREE. YESSSSSS!!! I was able to taste test them without stomach upset and I bought a few of the Cashew Lemon for my next ride. They worked like a dream! Then the only problem was, I never had another Sunday off.

I had recently starting dating someone who is a serious triathlete with big connections in the fitness community. One day at her running shop I saw Muir Energy on the shelf and I told her how much I loved it. She mentioned she saw the owner, Ian, often to drop off product so she would connect us. Less than a week later I was at the Pride 5K helping out with Muir. Being a people-person I joined in with ease, so much so that Ian left me alone for a bit to run the tent. Next, I was invited into the kitchen to see how the product was made, and that was where I really found my place. This was the start of something I never saw coming.

Fast forward another 9 months and I am now the Kitchen Production Manager, overseeing all the product made. I am in charge of product measurements, sealing packets, product inventory and so on, working hand-in-hand with Francesca who is the speed of the kitchen. I am also privileged  to go on marketing trips all over the country with my fiancee, helping everyone discover the Cashew Lemon Butter and Red Raspberry sandwich! I would have never pictured myself in this position, and it is the most rewarding I could have imagined. Thank you Ian and our whole family at Muir.


Katie is responsible for the production and sale of Muir Energy. Being former military she is very meticulous about the quality of the product. You can spot her out spreading the word of Muir Energy at farmer's markets or on afternoon runs.

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