Get Out and “Draw” Contest

Get Out and “Draw” Contest

Time to get outside and Strava. Let’s take this time away from the gym to have some fun. If you don’t Strava, that’s okay, use whatever run/bike/hike tracker you have and exercise with the intent of stimulating the mind and body. This is meant to be a fun excuse to get outside and test your creativity as you put rubber to pavement. Run (or bike, walk, etc) out the door with a plan or just start making left and right turns hoping when it’s all said and done you’ve outlined the Louvre’s next masterpiece. Put the pencil and paper aside, your exercise will be your medium.

How to play

  1. Join Muir Energy Running Club on Strava (optional)
  2. Get Outside, Record and "Draw"
  3. Screenshot your map and upload to Instagram, tagging @muirenergy
  4. You can also send us a DM or email social@muirenergy with your entry
  5. And always, tag your friends so they know that we know that you know! 


Win a new MUIR Mountain T-shirt along with your choice of 10 Energy Gels.

Mileage is not our concern, we want you to exercise the mind and body, creativity wins!


    Take a look at these for some inspiration.