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Don't Play Small

Don't Play Small
By Ali Dolan

I am currently sitting on a flight to Portland, my first trip to this part of the country - ever. It's a dream of mine really, to travel for work. I'd done the cubicle gig out of college, the "bitch work" of being an assistant, and then the job hopping every few years to find my real passion: the health, fitness and nutrition industry.

If you would have met me a year ago, I'd be seen doing a shoe fit at iRun Company, Miami's BEST running store. 

I was incredible at my job. From store inventory, media consultant, gait analyst and customer service, I did it all. My iRun family was amazing. And yet, something was drawing me to the other side of the country - to San Diego. I couldn't explain it.

In Miami I was training 10-15 hours a week between my three sports: swimming, biking and running. 

I was working my way up to full-time with the audacious goal to become a professional triathlete. Then injury struck. Over six months of rehab and I re-injured myself doing something outside of training...! Another setback. At this point, I declare it time for a change of scenery, a change of pace. I stop talking about moving to California and actually do it.

I made a lateral move, from one running store to another - Just Run in La Jolla. It was here that I was introduced to an organic, gluten-free, and VEGAN product that I could use not only for future training, but for every day. One that had a slew of benefits, including reducing the inflammation in my body. 

Muir Energy became THE product I was most interested in educating our customers about. And then when I met the company's founder, Ian, I was determined to help out. The fact that this long distance hiker, unable to find something suitable for his endurance needs, went and created something out of nothing, was enough to make me dive right in.

My background in retail and communications led me to believe sales and marketing would be my strongest contribution. Then when I  got a chance to see how Muir Energy was hand-made, I wanted in on that too. Setting up retail accounts and managing them? Yep, I'm in for that. Farmer's markets? In-store demos? Marketing trips? Yes, yes, yes.

The icing on the cake? My girlfriend at the time was also interested in a job transfer, and we were able to create jobs with Muir Energy basically out of thin air. Now my fiancée, Katie makes me prouder than I ever thought possible. Every batch of Muir Energy has passed through her loving hands. Her hard work and dedication to this company inspires me. Along with the rest of our small San Diego based team, we're in it for the long haul. And I, for one, am enjoying the ride.

Takeaway: Often, we are the biggest obstacles to our own growth. This has certainly been true for me. Through self-inquiry, courage and determination, I’ve been able to manifest the life I was meant to live. If I can do it, so can you!



Ali Dolan is responsible for the sale and marketing of Muir Energy. She is a powerhouse of knowledge in the fitness industry, and loves sharing her passion for health. A sponsored triathlete, film producer, and spokesperson, Ali is rarely in one place. By request, she'll head out to do a demo near you!